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The Importance of a Great Family Kitchen Design

The family home is where the best memories are made: whether it’s laughter, tears, excitement or anxiety it happens here.  And, whether it’s a birthday celebration, a quiet coffee with a dear friend or simply listening to your child read while you prepare the evening meal, many of these treasured memories are made in the kitchen.  

That’s why family homes need family kitchens – kitchens that are intensely functional (i.e. enough room for a few adults as well as a budding young chef or two), as well as stylish and beautiful.

Kitchen for Large Family

Kitchen plan brainstorming


Before you put pen to paper to begin sketching out your family kitchen remodel, take the time to think about what you want to get out of your new kitchen.  Talk to each family member that will be using the space and get their ideas.  Take the time to plan your family kitchen so you won’t ever regret what you create.

Here are a few things we recommend putting some thought into before going ahead with a family kitchen reno:

  • how many people will need to use the space at one time
  • is space required for children’s homework, etc?
  • do you plan to have family meals in the kitchen?
  • are pets eating or sleeping in the kitchen area?
  • is a walk-in pantry/appliance storage area neccesary?
  • size and number of white-goods to be included – fridge / bar fridge / freezer / dishwasher / microwave / coffee machine

large Family Kitchen Storage

Think Storage

It’s impossible to have too much storage in the genuine family kitchen, but storage takes on even more importance for large families. It’s important to consider the size of your family / how many people will be using the kitchen to help determine the amount of storage you will need.

Apart from all the regular gear, equipment and utensils that goes along with cooking, try and include some storage space for appliances. Why not include a space for all those other bits and pieces that seem to end up in the kitchen?  A walk-in pantry with full height shelving is fantastic for food items. Installing a shelf that is too high for comfortable reach can be used to store items that you only use ‘once in a blue moon’. Take time to research storage ideas for your family kitchen and visit kitchen showrooms to get tips on maximizing your storage space: a cleverly designed kitchen uses every spare inch!

Simple Large family Kitchen

Keep it simple

Family life is busy and often hectic, so it pays to keep your kitchen layout simple.  Allow plenty of walking area to prevent congestion, particularly if you have little people who’ll be in the kitchen when you are.  Not only is this intensely practical, but it’s necessary to maintain a safe working environment.

Large Family Kitchen Island

Include an Island

Island benches have become very popular in many homes because they provide a place where family members can sit and chat while the meal is being prepared.  As well as being perfect for the casual entertainer, they also provide a lot of extra storage area and another food prep surface as well.

Use Only High Quality Materials for Your Kitchen


If your family kitchen is like most, it will get well used.  That’s why it’s important to think carefully about the materials you use in its construction. Your kitchen needs to be stylish and modern as well as intensely practical.  It’s wise to pick a hard-wearing bench-top surface that will meet the demands of your lifestyle. Not too mention choosing good quality hardware (hinges, door handles etc) that stand the rigors of family life!

At Wonderful Kitchens, we love designing and installing family kitchens.  For more information on designing your family kitchen call us today on (02) 9972 2988 and chat to one of our team members.