Modern kitchen designs have given us a number of different ways to create space that can be functional, beautiful and clutter-free.

Perhaps you’re a lucky homeowner with a kitchen that has all the space in the world, or maybe you’re living in a little apartment with a tiny kitchen. Either way, clutter can have a way of being attracted to the “heart of the home” and never leaving.

Here are our top tips to minimise clutter in the kitchen:

1. De-Clutter Daily

Commit to a ten-minute clean up every night before bed. If you clear off the kitchen benches the night before, your morning starts with a fresh slate and everyone’s head is clearer too.

modern kitchen designs

2. Find a Place for Everything

This includes all that paperwork that inevitably ends up on your kitchen bench. Put junk mail straight in the recycling, school notices or invitations in a diary, file what needs to be filed and keep your surfaces clear.

If you find there’s too much to be done daily, invest in a set of stackable filing drawers. The top one could be an inbox for action items and the bottom for “to be filed” items.

3. Re-locate Less Used Items

The roasting pan you only use at Christmas time could be stored somewhere other than the kitchen. After all, you’re only using it once a year – maybe twice if you love Christmas in July!

Modern kitchen designs don’t often leave space for larger items, so they can be relocated to a larger storage space. Just be sure they are in a handy position!

4. Minimise Multiples

Purge, purge, purge! You know that second or third drawer with all of the miscellaneous tools in it? Figure out which of them you actually use and get rid of the rest. Keeping something because you “might use it one day” only adds to the clutter. Be realistic and absolutely brutal when purging – chances are it would have sat there for years!

5. Use your storage wisely.

Take a look at your storage with fresh eyes. You could try writing what you would like to store in the cupboards and drawers on post-it notes. Then spend some time thinking it all through. Moving post-its is a lot easier than moving all of the dinnerware multiple times!

modern kitchen designs

6. Reduce Tableware

Unless you’re consistently hosting parties, you probably only need enough dinnerware for eight. Consider storing excess in another spot OR donating it if it’s no longer to your taste.

7. Get Rid of the Bulk

Only keep pots and pans that you use regularly. Remove anything that is broken, no longer has a well-fitting lid or isn’t well-made. A bread maker or rice cooker that only gets used once a year is taking up valuable space. Pass it on to that friend that loves to bake!

8. Test and Evaluate Your Appliances

If there’s an appliance that doesn’t work or has been sitting there for a long time without use consider giving it away or getting it repaired. Store regularly used items close to where you use them and try to find a space specifically for them, so they don’t sit on your bench top taking up space.

Modern kitchen designs have some of the cleanest lines and well-designed storage yet seen. Choosing how to use those to your best advantage can be the tricky part. Hopefully some of these tips will give you some inspiration and your kitchen will become a clutter-free zone!

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