5 Tips to Make Your Kitchen Appear Bigger

>>>>5 Tips to Make Your Kitchen Appear Bigger

kitchen design layoutA great kitchen design layout can make your kitchen appear bigger than it really is, whereas other kitchen layouts may make your kitchen feel cramped and tight. You may not always be able to alter the space your kitchen takes up, but there are things that you can do to make your kitchen appear bigger than it actually is.

Here are just a few tips:

  • Stick to white cabinets and walls or brighter colours. White reflects the most light and can help increase how big the space feels by making it bright and airy. This can go a long way to creating a more spacious feeling room.
  • Reduce the footprint of the cabinets. Nowhere is it stated that cabinets have to be a standard size. If the room doesn’t allow for standard sizes, go for cabinets that are shallow and give more floor space. Yes, you are giving up some cabinet space but it will make the room feel that much more open.
  • Choose more compact appliances. If the space feels overwhelmed by a really big fridge or stove, smaller apartment sized appliances might be the best way to improve on your kitchen design layout. Same goes for the sink. A double basin might be nice to have, but it may work better in the space to go for a single basin and give yourself that added counter space for cooking and prepping meals.
  • Utilise mirrored tiles or mirrors in the kitchen. They will help to reflect light as well as space which will create the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is. Mirrored tiles reflecting into each other can create the illusion of an endless kitchen, which can trick our minds into not feeling quite as cramped as we actually are in a smaller kitchen space.
  • Utilize as much bright lighting as feels comfortable in the space. Dark lit kitchens will feel small no matter their true size, and the reverse is also true. The more brightly lit all the surfaces and regularly used spaces are, the bigger the kitchen will feel to those in it and using it.

Though you may not be able to change your kitchen design layout, you can always use different tips and tricks to make it appear that much bigger and brighter than it really is. If you need more ideas or help to create a bigger kitchen in a smaller space our team at Wonderful Kitchens would love to be your kitchen planners of choice. Drop by our showrooms or contact us today and see how we can help!

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