5 Things You Need To Do Right When Redesigning A Kitchen

>>>>5 Things You Need To Do Right When Redesigning A Kitchen

must have kitchen design featuresKitchen redesign can be a confusing process for anyone, no matter how much experience you have in the realm of interior decorating, or home renovation. Whether you are looking to do a complete kitchen overhaul, or merely want to revitalize the look and feel of your cooking space. There are several principles of design that should always be kept in mind in order to make your kitchen looks it’s best. Let’s take a look at some must have kitchen design features.


This is by far the most important aspect of designing anything, from kitchens, to bathrooms, to a brand label. You want all of your decisions to be based off of a central theme or aesthetic that you decide on before hand. This is often done by choosing a single piece of the design and then picking all the subsequent parts to compliment that initial choice.

A Good Colour Scheme

Colour makes a massive difference in the look and feel of your kitchen space, and is one of the foremost must have kitchen design features. It’s important not to get too complicated, as too many colours will clash and make your kitchen feel disordered. Try choosing a single colour, then one or two complimentary colours to pair with it.


There are a lot of different aesthetics to choose from when it comes to kitchen design, from the more traditional to the hyper-modern. What you go with is entirely up to you, but it’s vital that you stick to your decision. Make sure that all design decisions work within the central style.


While this is often something that people don’t consider as a primary concern of kitchen design, lighting will make a huge difference in the feel of the space. Both in the look of the fixtures, as well as the warmth of the light that they produce. Consider your options for fixture styles, and coordinate it with the design. And lastly, find a bulb that produces the type of light you are looking for.


This includes everything from countertops, to flooring, to splashbacks and paneling. While color is a part of the material choice you make, you will want to consider aspects such as texture and feel, as well. While you may be able to find two materials that look similar, they will bring vastly different personalities to your kitchen, and the choice you make is anything but arbitrary.

must have kitchen design features

Kitchen redesign can be a headache, and it can be tough trying to figure out what must-have kitchen design features you should approach first. As with anything, the best thing to do is simply begin visualising the style and design features you would like to have and then contact the experts to help you make that dream a reality. Wonderful Kitchens, winners of Best Of Houzz Design 2017 are not only experts in the realm of installing kitchens, but designing and styling your interior spaces as well. They can take your dated, drab kitchen and turn it into a luxurious living space. Take a look at their amazing showrooms and see just how modern and stylish your home could be.

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