5 Easy Steps To Creating A Modern And Minimalist Kitchen

>>>>5 Easy Steps To Creating A Modern And Minimalist Kitchen

Is a minimalist kitchen your thing?  If so, you’ve landed in the right space. We love this theme of modern kitchen designs too. There’s something intensely satisfying about the clean lines of cabinetry, neutral colour palettes and uncluttered counter-tops that characterise the minimalist kitchen.  And aesthetics aside, they’re practical, functional and well suited to family life.

So, whether you’re starting from scratch with a new kitchen or simply giving your old one a new lease of life, we’re helping you on your journey to creating a modern and minimalist kitchen with these 5 basic steps:

1. Cut the Clutter

Minimalist design doesn’t tolerate additional clutter.  With that in mind it’s time to prune back the amount of ‘stuff’ in the kitchen.  Stand back and take a good look at how much you keep on display. Are there unnecessary bowls, ornaments and photo frames that can be removed?  The key is to create as much empty space as possible so stash away as much as you can behind closed doors.  If your storage space is limited, pack away some of the appliances and other bits and bobs that you don’t use often. Even better, move them out to the shed or storage room.  Alternatively, if you decide you can really do without some of your collection, there are plenty of second hand stores that will gladly accept your donations!

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2. Organisation is key

“A place for everything and everything in its place” – Mrs Beeton, The book of household management.

Creating an uncluttered and functional kitchen goes further than the surface: it’s important to have neat, organised drawers and storage spaces too.  Kitchen storage solutions are many and varied, so it pays to spend time researching and collecting ideas to suit your available space. Ensure that your canisters and containers stack neatly and are clearly labelled.  Educate family members about how you wish your cupboards and drawers to be used and stipulate what goes where.

3. Colours

The minimalist kitchen doesn’t have any rules when it comes to colours – it’s a matter of personal taste.  However, we suggest you spend time considering your choice of palette, remembering that light colours and neutrals enhance the perception of space and maximise the benefits of any daylight the area receives.  You may wish to introduce contrasting colours and/or textures in the form of splash-backs or bench-tops, or simply by a clever choice of furniture, light fittings and decor items.

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4. New Hardware

A new set of handles and tap-ware can make all the difference in your kitchen.  Modern kitchen designs favour neat, straight lines and fittings that are sleek and simple.  With a trip to your local kitchen supplier or hardware store and a little bit of elbow grease and patience, your new handles will go a long way towards modernising your kitchen area.

5. Free Flow Design

To increase the functionality of your kitchen, try to maintain an open plan space as far as is possible.  If you’re building from scratch this should be easy to achieve, however, if you can’t alter the footprint of the kitchen, just think carefully about the placement of chairs, tables and movable island benches and storage cupboards.  When creating the minimalist feel, less is more.


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