5 Kitchen Trends We’ve Loved In 2018

>>>>5 Kitchen Trends We’ve Loved In 2018

Believe it or not, the year is drawing to a close!  While some of us are left shaking our heads and wondering where the time has gone, others are eagerly looking forward to another year of exciting new kitchen trends.  The world of home design is constantly evolving. While classic colors and architecture still remain as popular as ever, there are new fashions emerging all the time. Some of which transforming our perception of the kitchen.

Before the calendar year rolls over, let’s take a moment, to sum up 5 of the top kitchen trends that have emerged during 2018.. And are likely to gather momentum going into the new year:

1. Metal Accents

Metal is now being infused into kitchen design in an unprecedented manner, adding a distinctly urban feel.  No longer are the door-handles and hinges the only metal components of the kitchen. Copper, brass and stainless, either polished or weathered, are now being used throughout the entire kitchen. Food prep surfaces, splash-backs, and other design features are incooperating metal to create a warm yet industrial feel.

2. Concrete Comeback

If you thought concrete was only an ‘outside’ material, you’re in for a big shock. Concrete and concrete inspired surfaces in the kitchen are right on trend!  Often showcased with other earthy materials such as marble or timber, the concrete trend is gathering popularity and is likely to be fashionable for many years to come.

Concrete Kitchen Stovetop

3. A Pleasant Mix

Combining a range of different materials in kitchen design is very much in vogue.  The mix of organic surfaces such as timber and stone with metal, ceramic and glass helps to break out of the traditional mould. Creating a sensational, state-of-the-art kitchen that is intensely functional. Nowadays there are no boundaries, no rules, and no limits when it comes to incorporating different textures and materials in the kitchen.

4. Matt vs Polished

While both matt and polished surfaces remain popular, the former is definitely gaining traction.  In fact, the trend towards naturally stressed or unpolished surfaces in home design is making its mark in the modern kitchen.  While matt surfaces are super attractive and can be used as a real centerpiece, is wise to note that they may require extra care and attention when it comes to practical cleaning.

Grey Matt Kitchen Surface

5. Appliances

While the technology behind today’s appliances continues to move forward at an astonishing rate, perhaps one of the most obvious of recent advances has been the induction cooktop.  With many homeowners opting for smart home systems. These cooktops have become popular because they can be interconnected and controlled via a smartphone app.  Now, this really is an avid entertainer’s delight!


We’re excited about the fashions that are emerging in today ’s kitchen design world.  Call us today on (02) 9772 2988 and discuss your new kitchen with our team.  We can help you create something that’s going to be right on trend for years to come.


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