Our 4 Part Series On Updating Your Kitchen – Part 2

>>>>Our 4 Part Series On Updating Your Kitchen – Part 2

How to create a kitchen that’s perfect for entertaining

Are you the life of the party? Do you love always having people in your home? Do you plan the best dinner parties and family gatherings? You need an entertainer’s kitchen. Keep reading for tips and tricks when it comes to creating your dream kitchen to gather your friends and family around you often.


Lighting can be the forgotten element when it comes to designing a kitchen. We think about the mood we want in our living room or lounge and often forget there is more to the kitchen than just a need for light to prep food or clean up.

Our kitchens are becoming the place for important conversations, homework and simply hanging out.

You may want to consider LED strips or lamps to create a welcoming mood in your kitchen while complementing your focus lighting for food prep and clean up areas.

Island Bench

In an entertainer’s kitchen, an Island Bench is an absolute must. If you have more space than you know what to do with maybe consider two island benches! Prep space and serving space can be at a premium in your kitchen and an island bench or two can be the perfect solution for those huge platters and numerous serving bowls.

Island benches also double as extra seating space or a hangout zone for your guests to interact with the chef.

If you don’t have the space for an island bench a peninsular could be the option to go with.

Black Modern Kitchen Perfect For Entertaining


Choosing appliances for your kitchen can be one of the most important selections. The appliances you choose will not only make entertaining easier, but it will also add design elements. From choosing a refrigerator to hold your favourite platters, whether you will have a wine fridge or not, double ovens, two dishwashers for easy clean up and considering a warmer drawer for those late guests or warming mugs and plates for the perfect dishware temperature, taking appliances into consideration to fit your needs as an entertainer should be an important part of the design process.


Plan for the type of gatherings you have most often. Choose comfortable and versatile seating options when designing your kitchen and surrounding spaces. Having too much seating is better than not having enough.

Outdoor Entertaining Setting at Night Time

Connection to Outside

If it’s possible to have a connection to the garden from your kitchen, design for this as an important part of your planning process. Even simply opening up a servery with outside seating can help the flow from your kitchen to entertaining spaces outside be more connected. The dream, of course, being bi-fold doors to seamlessly connect your kitchen and dining spaces indoors and out.

Butlers Pantry

Now you may think a butler’s pantry is a thing of ancient times, however, it can be an incredibly useful tool when you are entertaining. An extra sink, dishwasher, extra storage space and food prep areas all contribute to a seamless flow of preparing, serving and enjoying food, with the extra space to hide the mess and clean up after the guests have all gone home.

If there’s no space for a butler’s pantry but you can fit in a second sink, that’s a great option too! Two sinks means double the workspace for preparing food and a chef’s helper can be there with you in the kitchen to clean up as you go without getting in the way.


At Wonderful Kitchens, we love designing and installing kitchens for entertaining.  For more information on designing your entertainer’s kitchen call us today on (02) 9972 2988 and chat to one of our team members.


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