Utilising The 3 Zones Of Kitchen Storage

>>>>Utilising The 3 Zones Of Kitchen Storage

Planning and organising your kitchen storage areas can be really daunting.  And the same burning question always arises: “how much storage room do I actually need?”.  Sometimes it helps to think of your kitchen storage as 3 separate zones, and plan and stack your cupboards and drawer areas accordingly.

Disorganised and unruly storage areas are a source of daily annoyance. Why not put some forethought into how you will use your space and the most convenient place to store each item.

Zone #1: The Consumables Zone

Put simply, this is the stuff we eat.Food items that must be easy to access and often restocked. The consumables zone includes cold, frozen, fresh and dry goods.  Obviously, the refrigerator and freezer must be part of this zone. As well as an area to store basic staples for baking and place for canned goods, bottles and other ‘ready-to-use’ products.

To enhance the practicality and functionality of your kitchen, your consumables zone must facilitate easy access. Narrow shelves are often better for storing dry and canned goods. For the simple reason that it’s easier to see exactly what you have, and smaller items don’t get pushed out of sight behind larger ones.  Pull out storage cupboards and drawers are also practical options for items to which you require frequent access.  Consider including baskets and adjustable storage dividers to maximise the practicality of your food storage.

If you’re and avid baker, may choose to include a cupboard for your cooking appliances in this zone too.  A place close by for your food processor, mixing appliances and bowls and measuring devices makes food prep easier and quicker.

Zone #2: Non-Consumables Zone

This is the area you’ll dedicate to keeping things that aren’t food.  This zone is used for storing serving-ware, appliances, pots and pans, utensils, containers…. and 101 other things too!

Because you frequently access these items, it’s important that this storage area is organised, practical and easy to access.  Think about options such as the Lazy Susan for corner cupboards. Don’t forget drawers for storing serving dishes and other items that are awkward to retrieve from cupboard storage.

Cutlery and utensils are best located close to your food prep areas.  This makes for quicker and more practical preparation and serving.

Zone #3: Cleaning Zone

Cleaning is a big part of daily kitchen activity and the storage of cleaning chemicals is important. Consider dedicating the cupboard or drawers directly below your sink to cleaning goods and equipment.  Make sure these items are kept well away from food, food serving or food preparation surfaces.

If you are installing a dishwasher in your kitchen, place it within reach of the sink and close to your non-consumables zone.  This will help to streamline both packing and unpacking the dishwasher (a daily chore that can become very tedious if your storage is awkward or a long way away!).

Is there such a thing as ‘too much storage’ in the kitchen?  The team at Wonderful Kitchens can help you maximise your storage capacity for each zone and help you create a kitchen that’s practical, functional and a pleasure to work in.  Call us today on (02) 9772 2988.



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