3 Reasons Why We Love Pendant Lights In The Kitchen

>>>>3 Reasons Why We Love Pendant Lights In The Kitchen

3 Reasons Why We Love Pendant Lights In The Kitchen

Whether you’re focused on functionality or style, pendant lighting works perfectly.  Practical; beautiful; modern; traditional.  It doesn’t matter if your’s is a simple or prestigious kitchen – lighting is super important for any culinary space, for creating both a workable and aesthetically pleasing area.
In layman’s terms: we love pendant lights in the kitchen.  And here are 3 of our top reasons:


  1. Functionality

There’s a simple reason why pendant lights are becoming increasingly popular in kitchen design: they work.  It’s generally agreed that if there’s any room in the home that deserves excellent lighting, it has to be the kitchen.  Food prep, socializing, dining… the kitchen is the central hub of the house, so it has to be well lit!  It’s a challenge though when food preparation surfaces and eating areas need plenty of light, yet you don’t necessarily want the entire kitchen/dining room lit up like Lunar Park! – the solution is pendant lighting.  This allows you to enjoy the benefits of concentrated light in one particular area, without having to have every globe in the room blazing.

  1. Aesthetics

Are you looking for that extra ‘wow’ factor?  That touch of bling in the kitchen?  Pendant lights can add a real statement to your design and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary!  The range of pendant lights is huge – from large industrial-type shades to woven basket style and delicate chandeliers –  there is something to compliment every taste, color and budget.

  1. Ambiance

Lighting plays a huge part in setting the mood and tone of your kitchen.  And for that intimate, cosy atmosphere, pendant lights are the way to go!  Of course, different colors, shade designs, and globe sizes create different effects, so whether you want the light-filled bright, airy farmhouse feel or the moody, darkened ambiance of a downtown restaurant, it’s all possible. There are no boundaries, except the extent of your ‘bright’ ideas!

When considering your kitchen pendant lighting, it’s worth considering the height at which you set your fixtures:

4. Height

The height at which you set your lights is ultimately your choice.  And it depends largely on whether you are installing your pendants as task lighting or purely for good looks.

Decorative lights can be strung higher, out of the way of sightlines so that they’re more subtle and less intrusive in their appearance.  However, it is important to keep them low enough to look elegant.

On the other hand, task lighting must be low enough to do its job, but not so low that it becomes a ‘head-hitting hazard’(Ouch)!  If it’s too high the light will be lost, but if they’re too low they can interfere with sight lines and be annoying and intrusive.

If you require pendant lighting for both task and decorative purposes, consider hanging a cluster of lights at different heights – this concept is both beautiful and effective and can be the visual jewel of the kitchen.


Before making a final decision on your pendant lighting, it’s wise to ask for professional advice.  A qualified kitchen designer can help you choose the perfect lighting fixtures to complement your kitchen.  Call Wonderful Kitchens today on 02 9772 2988 and discuss your needs and ideas with one of our team, or drop into our showroom and chat with a team member there!


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