2017 Kitchen Trends- Stay Up to Date with the Latest Styles

>>>>2017 Kitchen Trends- Stay Up to Date with the Latest Styles

Award winning kitchens AustraliaEach year brings with it many new trends and styles in award-winning kitchens. Australia designers are hot on the heels of many other world-renowned designers when it comes to kitchen design and trends.

Each trend brings different elements to life within the kitchen space and serves its own purpose. Some trends will last the test of time, some may disappear as quickly as they appeared.

Here are a few of the upcoming trends and styles for kitchens in Australia.

  • Gold faucets and tapware. Rose gold is said to be all the rage this year and something that you will likely see in many show homes as well as higher end properties. Bright chromes and polished silvers will still be on trend but gold seems to be taking over the tapware this year.
  • Thin benchtops. Gone are the thick, marble countertops of yesterday. Now the light airy feel of thin benchtops is the current fad. These can be quite eye-catching and open up a space nicely so it may be one trend that has some staying power.
  • Wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor tiles. Bright, inviting patterns and shapes work to create masterpieces and feature walls this year. As an added bonus, it makes cleanup a breeze after a long day in the kitchen. Contrasting grout can make an even bigger impact on these feature walls.
  • Brighter, more open kitchens are on trend this year brought to you by a lack of the big bulky upper cabinets. Yes, this will reduce cabinet space, but it can create just the right feel of open in a smaller sized kitchen. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any storage above the countertop. Open styles shelves are right on trend and a big part of this year’s styles.
  • Lighting is always trending and changing, and this year’s latest style is area lighting that accents specific areas within the kitchen. Simply additions like undercabinet, or benchtop lights can create an award-winning kitchen in Australia this year.
  • Green accents and features. Everyone is thinking green this year, and it translates into bright, eye-popping hues of this earthy tone in everything from appliances to cabinets, to tiles. Little pops of green can make a big statement when contrasted against black and white. Moody, emotional pallets of colour are also in, think charcoal, blacks, and other greys.

No matter what trend or style you are wanting in your home, the team at Wonderful Kitchens has what you are looking for. As Houzz awards recipient for customer service, we go that extra mile to make sure our customers are happy and cared for as they seek out the kitchen of their dreams.

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