Kitchen Islands

Every kitchen has potential to be functional, have enough storage room and also be visually attractive.

Many kitchens tick some of these boxes, and especially more modern kitchen designs tend to be beautiful and functional, but what they are often lacking is storage room and bench space.

A kitchen Island is able to solve that problem and still make your kitchen look incredibly beautiful and functional. Kitchen islands not only provide more bench space for cutting and cooking, but also storing things underneath the bench space.

There are numerous places where you can get Kitchen Islands in Sydney. Unfortunately, you cannot be assured that you will get a high quality product that is durable. For this reason, you need to be sure that the place to choose to get your Kitchen Island is reliable and is reputable for having high quality kitchen islands. Wonderful Kitchens is your best option when it comes to Kitchen Islands in Sydney.

Benefits of Wonderful Kitchens’ Kitchen Islands

Storage is one of the advantages you get from Wonderful Kitchen’ Kitchen Islands. There are numerous kitchen island bench designs to choose from. They have drawers, cabinets and shelves in addition to the Island top where you get to do your other work. These are very important features in an Island especially when you have a lot in your kitchen or there is not enough space in your kitchen. With the Island, you are able to keep most things away thereby creating enough room to prepare meals and also to make movement around the kitchen easier for you.

Wonderful Kitchen Islands are also very good for children. It is great for when you want your child to be within reach. For example, when you are helping them out with their homework and you also need to cook at the same time. The child can do their homework on the Island as you prepare the food. It is also a great place to place some of the appliances your kids may need to use in your absence such as the microwave or a refrigerator drawer. You can place the appliance on the island top bench. This is possible because the islands are not too tall for children to reach.

The islands are also great for adding sitting area to your kitchen. With a few chairs, you can increase the number of people who can eat at the island. This is a great option if you happen not like eating close to the kitchen to make moving the dishes easier. It is also great for when you have guests over since it makes it possible for you to make conversation and have company while you prepare the meals. It adds a great social aspect to your kitchen.

From Wonderful Kitchens, it is also possible to get an Island that is moveable. This is a great thing for someone who has a small kitchen. This is because they can easily move it out of the way when a lot of people are in the kitchen preparing different meals and it can be rolled back into position when there isn’t a lot of movement in the kitchen. With such an island, even with a small kitchen, you are able to maximize on space and increase floor space when necessary.

A kitchen with an island bench from Wonderful Kitchens also gives you a chance to experiment on different kitchen island bench ideas. Such as increasing the cooking space by making the island the main cooking hub by using it as a cooktop island and any other ideas you might have to make your kitchen more functional. Wonderful Kitchen also has a number of ideas you can use to help customize your kitchen to be even more functional.

The other advantage is that there are different island bench sizes to choose from. Whether you have a big kitchen and you are looking for large island bench tops or you have a small kitchen and would like a smaller one, we have island bench kitchen designs you can look at to help you get exactly what you are looking for.

The other advantage you get from purchasing a Wonderful Kitchen’s island is the fact that there are numerous materials to choose from. Whether you want your kitchen island bench to be the center of attention or to fit in perfectly with your overall kitchen design, we have numerous island bench tops you can choose from. One thing that all our islands have in common is the fact that they are all made from high quality materials and they are very durable. You will be using them for quite some time.

Why Choose Wonderful Kitchens?

There are several reasons why Wonderful Kitchen’s ought to be your first choice when you are thinking about getting a kitchen Island.

First and foremost, this is a company that has been in the business for more than 40 years. They therefore have the experience and are able to offer you excellent information on kitchens with islands benches, how to go about it and which islands to choose for your kitchen design.

Choosing Wonderful Kitchens is ta decision you won’t regret, they are known for offering excellent high quality services and have a solid reputation. There are numerous positive reviews on their work in kitchen makeovers and their showrooms for different kitchen designs. This shows that they offer high quality reliable services. This is something you need when you want a kitchen island. Getting it from a highly reputable company means you will get a high quality product.

Wonderful Kitchens has qualified and experienced contractors who are able to do all necessary installations for your kitchen island and any kitchen makeover you might need to make your kitchen more functional and most importantly a fun place to be in.

If you have a small kitchen and you have limited space to work with, a kitchen island really is the best solution; you get to store most of the things taking up the space in the kitchen away which enables you to increase space in your kitchen. The bench top is also a great way to increase your kitchen space. It is also a great option for people with big kitchens who would like to improve the kitchen by making it more functional. With the island, you get to increase the number of appliances and utensils in your kitchen. If you are thinking of getting one, Wonderful Kitchen’s has your back. Call today for excellent services and to speak to one of our team members.