Are Kitchen Designers Necessary?

>>>>Are Kitchen Designers Necessary?

Kitchens are one of those rooms we love to update. After living in a space for a while, it’s normal to want to make changes. We learn what functions well, and what parts just don’t work for our family or our needs. Sometimes doors open oddly, or the layout just doesn’t function for the size of the family. This is when we begin to look at renovating, and perhaps finding kitchen designers to help us improve our overall experience of the kitchen.

With any renovation, there are two options: doing it ourselves or finding someone to do it for us. For basic things, there isn’t an issue in undertaking a DIY project. But for more elaborate changes, such as changing the layout or a complete overhaul, professionals are needed. Lucky for those of us who cannot take the DIY route, there are kitchen designers who can help make all of it that much easier.

Kitchen Designers

Are they necessary?

It depends on how you look at it. On one hand, the issues you may be encountering in your home may be the result of a previous renovation – where someone inexperienced has planned the layout, and where cupboards should go etc. They may not have considered things that could make it difficult for the kitchen to function well, like a drawer that can only open if the dishwasher door is opened, or a fridge that bangs into the oven door if they both need to be opened at the same time. Things like this could have been easily avoided if the original planners had made use of kitchen designers.

What are the benefits of using kitchen designers?

Designers have software available to them to make it easier for homeowners to understand and visualize what the renovation would look like afterwards. Using this software, they can bring to life your ideas so you can see if there are any areas that just won’t work or need to be changed. This also helps to get a better feel about what the space would look like and feel like once completed. This can make a big difference to the cost (nothing like building something to find out it just doesn’t function) and to your peace of mind.

Kitchen designers will also come with experience that you may or may not have. Designers like Wonderful Kitchens have over 40 years of experience in building and designing kitchens and bathrooms. They can advise you on the current trends that will not only impact the aesthetic of your home but will impact its resale value – now and in the future. Designers can also assist you in deciding what materials work best for your home. A kitchen on a farm (e.g. a provincial kitchen) will vary greatly in layout and design from a more urban setting (e.g. modern kitchen). Little tips and tricks can ensure your home renovation is a success now and into the future.

This means that yes, in many ways designers are very much worth the investment. If you are looking for a kitchen designer to help make your renovation complete, Wonderful Kitchens are happy to assist. Contact us today at one of our Sydney locations.

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