It’s been fashionable for many years.  And today, French Provincial style is more popular than ever before.  Why?  Because combines timeless beauty with everyday functionality.


Designing and installing a new kitchen is an exciting journey.  For many of us, it’s the culmination of years of dreaming, planning, and budgeting.  All those different suggestions you’ve thrown around, the hours of sketching out ideas, the skimping and saving… at last, it’s all turning into reality!  Now the time has come, you want to make sure that the kitchen you install isn’t going to date quickly.  And we’re with you on that – after all, it’s a major investment and one you want to enjoy for years to come!  That’s exactly why we love French Provincial kitchen designs: they’re always in fashion.


Today’s kitchen is more than just a food preparation area.  It’s become the heart of the home. Socializing, eating, meal preparation, relaxing, studying… it all happens right here in the kitchen.

And whether it’s a casual chat over a cuppa or an elegant dinner party, the French Provincial style kitchen is perfect – it’s elegant enough for fine dining yet relaxed and homely enough for everyday use.

french provincial kitchen design


Most of us lead busy lives.  With family schedules to accommodate, the demands of work life and socializing with friends out of hours, we need our homes to be functional and practical.  French Provincial kitchen designs center around the needs of the family: big ovens, plenty of storage space, quality hardware and good, solid benchtops.  They are generally comprised of a simple layout, often with an island bench, with space enough for more than one person to comfortably work in the kitchen at one time.

Classic Elegance

When it comes to interior design, color schemes are one of the first things to date.  That’s another reason that the French Provincial kitchen remains an all-time favorite: it features neutral, earthy tones which are always in fashion.  Think cream, white, beige, grey, olive green and black… wood, porcelain, linen, stone, marble, wicker, rattan…  The subtle combination of colors and textures used in this style creates an atmosphere wonderfully unique: beautifully gracious and elegant yet comforting and rustic.

Affordable Simplicity

French provincial kitchen designs are not just for the rich or lucky.  They can be tailored to suit any home and any budget.  In fact, history tells us that the style originated from the farmhouses in southern France, where the country folks took ideas from the rich Parisian fashion and combined them with their simple, organic lifestyle.  And perhaps that is ultimately why this style has remained popular through time: it’s an affordable way to have that touch of luxury in your own home.

At Wonderful Kitchens, we love French Provincial style as much as you do!  And we’re excited about helping you create a kitchen that is beautiful, stylish and functional.  Call us today on (02) 9772 2988 and let’s get started!