If you’re looking for a kitchen style that’s gorgeous, elegant and yet wonderfully functional, French Provincial is the answer.  It’s a style that will stand the test of time and use.  Combining old-old-fashioned charm and beauty with modern conveniences, French Provincial kitchens are guaranteed never to go out of date.


The essence of French Provincial kitchen design is classic beauty, combined with natural and rustic elements to create an atmosphere that is both graceful and comforting.  Originally inspired by the rural homes and lifestyle in the south of France, it is characterized by soft, earthy colour palettes, stone, wood, wicker and ceramic.  Typical features include carved wooden cabinetry, corbels, elegant tapware and glass fronted display cabinets.


french provincial kitchen designs

A traditional style such as this has been evolving for many years, and today’s French Provincial kitchen designs are even more functional than ever.  At Wonderful Kitchens, our designers work closely with our customers to create and install kitchens that suit their lifestyle, their space and their budget.


There is sometimes a tendency to confuse, in our own minds, the terms ‘classic’ and ‘basic’.  And, especially when discussing French Provincial kitchen design, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your classic kitchen can be fitted with the best of today’s appliances and gadgets, plus pretty much anything else that makes life easier for you.  Loads of cupboard space, large ovens, built-in range hoods and plenty of food preparation area – these are all hallmarks of the French Provincial kitchen which have been valued by many, down through the generations.


A French provincial kitchen is one that just creates a mood of its own – one that’s enjoyed by both homeowner and guest alike.  It’s inviting, cosy, charming and intensely practical.  With its roots in the soil of a farming community, this style of kitchen has developed around feeding family and friends – little wonder it’s an entertainer’s delight!

french provincial kitchen designs


At Wonderful Kitchens, French Provincial is one of our favourite styles.  Timeless, classy and oh-so-practical, it combines ultimate luxury with functionality to produce custom designed kitchens to suit each and every lifestyle and home.  A kitchen that won’t go out of fashion; a kitchen that’s always inviting; a kitchen just for you.
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