Australians love modern kitchen designs.  Why? Because the flexibility of modern kitchen designs suit our busy lifestyles, relaxed entertaining habits and changing family needs.  Functionality, practicality, character and style all blend seamlessly in the well-designed, well-built contemporary kitchen.

Whether you’re creating a kitchen from scratch or simply updating an existing one, it’s not difficult to achieve a modern and minimalist kitchen.  In fact, by following these 5 simple steps, you could bring your dreams of a contemporary kitchen to reality and create something that exceeds your wildest dreams!

  1. Plan and Sort

Think about what you need to get out of your kitchen.  Look at the existing storage space (if you’re updating) or the planned storage (if you’re building new).  Are you really making the most of every spare inch of wall, cupboard and drawer space?  Can you add or remove shelves to help maximize your available storage?

Kitchen Planning and Brainstorming

It’s time to clear the clutter.  Kitchen cupboards and drawers seem to collect miscellaneous items that we don’t know where else to store!  Remove any gadgets, cutlery, appliances, serving ware and baking items that you rarely (or never) use, and either pack them away in another storage spot or donate them to charity.  Sort through your pantry and remove any food items that are out of date or simply not going to be eaten.


Phew!!  Now that you’ve sorted out what you need in your kitchen, you can take the next step!

  1. Bench-tops

It’s no secret: the bench-top can literally make or break your kitchen.  Modern kitchen designs favour natural materials such as granite, marble, stainless, timber and engineered stone, all of which create that sleek and elegant feel that you want.  It’s important that you keep your bench-tops free of clutter too, so try to find other places for items such as the microwave and the coffee machine.

  1. Hardware

Think carefully about what style of handles and tapware you install.  The contemporary kitchen favors clean lines and smooth surfaces, so you may choose to forget handles or pulls altogether and opt for a ‘handleless’ kitchen.

Kitchen Tap Fittings

Tapware is another item that deserves due consideration.  Again, sleek and simple is what you need to focus on and believe us, the range is huge!  Mixer taps are a common choice that are available in stainless, chrome, bronze and black… the choice is yours.

  1. Light and Bright

There are no rules when it comes to colours for modern kitchen designs, but it’s important that you make the most of any available natural light.  Include a large window if possible, or if yours is an internal kitchen, consider installing a skylight or roof window.

Ensure that you put in enough electric lighting to create that ‘light and airy’ feel even at night.  As well as your ambient lighting, task lighting can improve the functionality of your space while feature lighting can add that subtle hint of glamour and style.

  1. Flooring

Out-dated floor coverings could totally undermine your ambition to create a modern and minimalist kitchen.  Tiles, timber, vinyl or even polished concrete are all modern choices.  And if you find it too cold underfoot, why not add some comfort and style with a trendy floor mat?


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