How To Create An Energy Efficient Kitchen

>>>>How To Create An Energy Efficient Kitchen

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Homeowners are often thinking, “How can I cut my living costs?” Sometimes we feel like we’ve got our hands tied when it comes to utility bills, but there are things you can do to help. One of them is creating a modern contemporary kitchen that is also an energy efficient kitchen.

Whether you are renovating an existing space or designing a new one from scratch, the basics are the same.

Here are a few tips to help you make your new kitchen as energy efficient as possible:

1. Appliances

When you start your hunt for appliances you’ll see that most of them are now rated for energy efficiency. In fact, all appliances sold through Australia’s major retailers are required by law to be energy rated. Using a 5-star system, it is really easy for customers to see which ones are the most efficient in terms of water and power consumption. The higher the number of stars displayed, the lower the energy used by that appliance.

Other things you might like to consider when purchasing appliances are:
• Triple glazed oven doors
• One large fridge instead of a smaller one + a bar/wine fridge
• Dish drawers instead of a full sized dishwasher
• Induction cooktops

If you are re-using existing appliances, check things like the rubber seals around the oven door – are they perished at all? If so, they will reduce the efficiency of the unit.

2. Lighting

Remember, natural light doesn’t cost, so flood your kitchen with any available daylight. By using windows and skylights you can help reduce the need for artificial lighting. Double-glazed windows can also cut costs on both your heating and cooling bills.

The right colour palette will also greatly assist in maximising natural light. Dark colours absorb light while light ones will reflect it and reduce the need for you to turn on the lights as you enter the room. While some electric lighting is going to be a necessity, you can reduce the running cost of your lights by choosing more efficient LED or CFL globes. Also, consider switching your lights on separately – do you really need to turn all the lights on at once or can you have different areas on different switches?

3. Flooring

Think seriously about the type of flooring you are going to use in your new kitchen. While large areas of tiles might look spectacular and are easy to clean, they are also very cold. Of course, whatever you choose needs to suit your needs, so weigh up all options including wood, vinyl, tile and kitchen carpets.

4. Hot water

We all use hot water in our kitchens. So let’s look at reducing costs here too. Consider installing an instant hot water system for your sink rather than using the traditional hot water storage tank.
Creating your modern contemporary kitchen is an exciting journey, so why not get it right first time round? At Wonderful Kitchens, we understand energy efficient kitchens. After winning the Best of Houzz design 2017, it’s clear we are the experts in design. Our friendly staff can help you make choices that will be best for you. Call us today on 02 9772 2988 for a chat with one of our sales consultants, or contact us online.

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