Continue Your Colour Scheme Through The Entire Home – Seamlessly!

>>>>Continue Your Colour Scheme Through The Entire Home – Seamlessly!

When it comes to getting the most out of your home design aesthetic, one of the most important factors you will want to consider is the colour scheme. Anyone looking to create a cohesive feel inside their homes will want to have a solid understanding of colour scheme essentials. This will help to continue the scheme throughout their home in a seamless manner. The colours you choose are up to you, whether you go with cool blues, or warm reds that reflect the atmosphere. Sydney bathrooms and kitchens often receive the most attention when it comes to home design. However, to have a truly seamless décor, you will need to consider the house as a whole.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of a good colour scheme.


This is probably the most important part of choosing a colour scheme that will vibe well throughout your home. You want to pick one colour, then a few colours to compliment the first, and stick to it! The biggest problems in colour design comes from people wanting to do too much, and making things too colourful. It might seem like a good idea at the time, but will make your home appear disorganized and aesthetically unappealing. Consider what sorts of colours are already present in your home. What you would like to change or keep in order to conform to the new colour scheme?

Objects as Colour

When people are designing a colour scheme, they often only think of painting the walls, and perhaps adding a piece of art here and there. However, there is so much more that can be done to coordinate a colour scheme throughout your home. Everything should match up the overall theme to an appropriate degree. That means that the objects on your hallway table should mesh well with the towels in your bathroom. As well as the plates in your cupboard, and the cushions on your lounge. How complex you want to get with this is largely up to you, but the more objects you incorporate into the colour scheme, the better things will look.

Finding Inspiration

One of the best ways to determine a colour scheme is to take inspiration from the area in which you live. There’s a reason many houses in coastal areas tend to be painted cooler colours, while colder areas tend to have more warm colour schemes. Obviously, the sky’s the limit when it comes to options, but coordinating your colour choices with the local environment can be a powerful way to bring an added level of seamlessness in any design.

sydney bathrooms and kitchensA good colour scheme is an invaluable part of any home décor, and is something that should not be overlooked. Bathrooms and kitchens, hallways, and bedrooms should all be taken into account when considering your color decisions, and all should be made to conform to an overall vision. Wonderful Kitchens, winners of Best Of Houzz Service 2017 can not only help you achieve your dream kitchen, but also design an appealing colour scheme based on your current location. We service areas from Western Sydney, all the way to North Sydney. Contact the experts at Wonderful Kitchens today to find out how you can seamlessly add colour and design into your home.



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