5 Expert Tips For Creating A Bathroom Haven For Your Home.

>>5 Expert Tips For Creating A Bathroom Haven For Your Home.

5 Expert Tips For Creating A Bathroom Haven For Your Home.

The bathroom, although not the first place you might think of as a relaxation corner, certainly has its place among the most important rooms in the house.  The reality is that every home requires a bathroom, so why not make it a nice one?!  And, truth be known, it is a place where you can genuinely unwind, recharge and wash off the stress of the day…

When dealing with bathroom makeovers, there are 3 key things to focus on: practicality, functionality and, of course, style.  A luxurious bathroom can become your private sanctuary; a place to soak, meditate and enjoy a quiet moment in style.  And by carefully choosing your color palette and textures, you can create that ‘next to nature’ feel – a space that is soothing, calming and simply a pleasure to be in.

Believe it or not, bathroom makeovers don’t have to cost you an awful lot.  We understand household budgets, and that’s why we’ve put together these 5 tips for creating your own bathroom haven:


  1. Go natural

Recent years have seen a significant shift towards using natural and organic materials in bathroom design.  Wood, stone, cork, and bamboo – all of these materials create a warm, organic feel. A combination of modern synthetic and traditional materials can create stunning contrasts, which can be used design features in the room.


  1. Lighting

Not many of us like a dingy bathroom.  And, by far the most enjoyable light source is that gift from Mother Nature – sunlight.  If you can, install a window to let any possible natural light flood the room.  If your bathroom is an internal one, install a skylight or roof window and bring in the sunlight that way!


  1. Mirrors

We tend to think of bathroom mirrors as a necessary thing when it comes to shaving, doing our hair or putting on makeup… but there’s far more to mirrors in the bathroom than merely a place to make sure you look ok!  As we know, mirrors reflect light so by hanging a good sized one on the wall opposite or adjacent to a window, you can make a small room feel much larger and brighter.


  1. Re-surface the bath

Large bathroom items such as the bathtub are costly to replace, so if your budget doesn’t extend to a new one, why not give the old one a new lease on life by re-surfacing it?  The color and condition of the tub seem to affect the whole aesthetics of the bathroom, so by changing the color and removing any scratches or chips, you can transform the feel of the whole area!


  1. Throw in some old-fashioned comforts

Candles; soft towels; fresh flowers; a glass of wine; one or two good books… these are the little things that transform an ordinary bathroom into a luxury one, but minus the price tag! Unleash your creative self and enjoy the results…

The team at Wonderful Kitchens love designing and installing luxury bathrooms.  With years of experience and accumulated skills, we have solutions for every budget, taste, and style.  Call us today on 02 9772 2988 and chat with one of our staff – we’re here to help you achieve that bathroom you’ve always wanted.

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