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The kitchen is by far one of the most important rooms in any house. This is where family meals are made, eaten and even where friends and families bond. Even in a house that does not have many members or does not do a lot of cooking, a lot of time is spent in the kitchen. Having a very comfortable kitchen is an important factor and at times our kitchens need renovations and upgrades to meet our needs and desires. It is therefore important when deciding on a company to upgrade and renovate your kitchen, to consider the experience, stability and trustworthiness of the company. The quality of our designs can be viewed in our showrooms – the most diverse and extensive kitchen showrooms Sydney has to offer.

At Wonderful Kitchens, the employees are friendly and professional with 35+ years of experience. Wonderful Kitchens offers renovation services to meet the personality, taste and style preferred by you—the customer. Having a state of the art kitchen that meets all your daily needs is an important factor which Wonderful Kitchens will deliver regardless of the size of the kitchen or your budget—they will ensure that you are left satisfied. Wonderful Kitchens is a family run business that has been operating kitchen renovations in Sydney for over thirty years and has won several awards. It is based in and operated from Sydney and has two of the best kitchen showrooms in Sydney at Willoughby and Padstow where you can go and experience the latest developments in kitchen design.

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Kitchen Showrooms Sydney

At the kitchen design showrooms in Sydney, there are several kitchen designs on display. They have contemporary kitchen designs utilising state of the art technology and constructed from a variety of materials, mixed shapes and sleek, advanced and durable features. The colour often used is white, incorporating flat panel door styles into the cabinets and storage. Designs are accented with glass tiles and mosaic patterns.  They also have modern displays, which are basically the traditional French kitchen design that became popular in the early twentieth century. The modern kitchen can be incorporated into several other designs including the contemporary one. The modern design is often designed with an open floor plan and normally the cabinets are handleless so as to suit the open floor design. Another design is the provincial kitchen design, which is fairly new and can be viewed at our luxury kitchen showrooms in Sydney. This design has two forms: (1) the traditional hand painted French provincial and (2) the provincial style accessorized with modern features. In this design, the kitchen is decorated in a way that complements the entire house and matches the theme. Another design (among many others) is the Hampton design which has a black and white theme that utilises centred lighting above the island surface. There are several other designs offered by Wonderful Kitchens at their kitchen showrooms in Sydney NSW.

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These various kitchen designs can be placed in various layouts in your home depending on factors such as the size of the room, the space needed for movement and also personal preference. The layout is shaped by the placement of the storage places, countertop and appliances. Choosing the proper layout is important as it determines how comfortably you operate in your kitchen, whether you are cooking or simply moving around. It also determines where things such as windows, doors, sinks, tables and fridges are placed. There are several layouts such as:

  • The L-shaped layouts – The arrangement of furniture and other appliances in the kitchen forms an L shape. This type of layout gives the kitchen more space which allows kitchen users to move around freely. The cabinets and storage facilities are arranged surround the sink and together, these layout elements increase convenience and efficiency. In addition, the kitchen is adjacent to the next room so you can interact with other people while in the kitchen.
  • The U-shaped layout – This layout is very similar to the L-shaped layout, but has bigger surfaces. This layout is ideal for a cook who likes making many meals or cooking in several stages because it allows for a clear, large surface on which to keep or arrange the ingredients. The surfaces can also be divided into workstations. Most U-shaped layouts are painted white or with another single brighter colour.
  • The G-shaped layout – This layout design has the same amount of space surrounding the cook on three sides of the counter and the same amount of storage as the L-shaped layout. The difference occurs in the floor plan of the G-shaped layout where there is a partial fourth wall of extra cabinets and storage, which make this layout seem more crammed.
  • The single line layout – In this plan, the sink can be placed next to the oven—usually because of the small space available. This plan is ideal for kitchens with very little space and where no other plan can be laid out.
  • The Galley layout – This is the design chosen by most professional chefs. It has two rows that make movement easy as the person cooking only needs to turn around to access something. This layout is sometimes not ideal as it can cause congestion and accidents—especially when the cooking area is not the same surface as the cleaning area. However, it utilizes space the best.
  • The Island layout – this kitchen layout design is ideal for houses that have many members who use the kitchen together frequently and enjoy socialising. It requires a large space as it has two working areas, but allows for ease of movement.

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Our luxury kitchen showrooms in Sydney display all the above designer and state of the art kitchen layouts. We ensure that all our customers have a variety of options to suit their needs and kitchen spaces for a more comfortable and enjoyable kitchen experience. It is important to note that before choosing a kitchen design or layout, you should consult with one of our Wonderful Kitchens designers so that we can assess your kitchen and advise you on which design and layout will best suit your needs. On agreeing to the terms and design, our team will renovate your kitchen well inside the agreed upon timeframe.


Kitchen Showrooms Sydney – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a kitchen from Wonderful Kitchens showroom cost and how long does it take to put together in my home?
The questions are very much dependent upon:
– The size of your kitchen
– The materials you want to use
– The finishes and features you want included
– The amount of work involved in designing your kitchen.

Do you have a kitchen showroom where I can see your products?
We have two kitchen showrooms. Sydney showrooms are in Willoughby and Padstow. Here you’ll find the different types of kitchen installations we offer on display. You can choose an exact replica of one of the installations, or submit a request to customize your kitchen according to your instructions. Our website also has many pictures of different kitchen designs.

What makes Wonderful Kitchens showrooms the best option?
Wonderful Kitchens is a family business with more than 35 years of kitchen design and renovation experience. We are tested, proven and respected for our pool of skills, knowledge and efficiency in the kitchen industry. We will deliver a custom kitchen design that meets your high expectations. We also consider your budget, personal tastes and lifestyle. We have many happy customers because of our high quality services and vast experience in the kitchen design industry.

Why do I need a designer in the first place? Can’t I just choose my own design from the kitchen showroom? 
You should have a Certified Kitchen Designer (C.K.D) who can guide you through all aspects of correct kitchen design. They are experts in all aspects of kitchen design and renovation including colour, finishes as well as extras that you may find suitable for your kitchen needs. They will also help you achieve the right result even when your budget is quite tight. You are assured of high quality services and quick delivery time.

What should I consider when designing and buying a new kitchen?
When designing and buying a new kitchen, there are several things that you should take into consideration. They include the following:
– You should choose a kitchen company that is stable, friendly, and has a high degree of professionalism
– Choose a kitchen with the finishes that compliment your personal tastes and preferences
– Consider the warranty policy the company has. Check the type of insurance offered by the company—the duration as well as what they actually cover.

Where are Wonderful Kitchens products manufactured?
Our kitchens are manufactured in Australia by Wonderful Kitchens—we are the main producers.