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Splash Backs: The Latest Feature Point for a Kitchen

The kitchen is perhaps one of the most common areas of house redesign, and one that usually gets a lot of attention when considering design options. Not only is the kitchen a shared space, it is often central to a floor plan, and will receive a massive amount of use, so it’s not wonder that so much thought gets put into it. One of the most significant design aspects of the kitchen is the splash back. With so many kitchen splash back options, there’s no reason not to find something that will fit well with your kitchen design, as well as the overall decorum of your home. Let’s take a look at some of the main things you will want to consider when choosing a splash back.

kitchen splash back options



There are a lot of different materials to choose from for splash backs, and it’s important that your choice reflects the look and feel of the rest of the kitchen. For more modern kitchen designs, consider using a splash back material such as stainless steel or glass. For the more traditional kitchen, materials such as tile can give the space a homier feel. There are also materials such as mirror splash backs, which give the kitchen a sense of being large and open.



If you choose a patterned material, such as tile, then you will want to consider the layout of the splash back. The types of tile patterns are nearly endless, ranging from the more old-school brick layout, to beehive formations, and even zigzag patterns. Remember that the pattern of the design that’s painted or inlayed in the tile, or other material, is just as important as the layout of the tiles themselves, and these are both things you want to keep in mind when considering your kitchen splash back options.



As with the above considerations, you want to choose colors that fit the space well, and fit into an overall design. Many people choose to have no color on their splash back, creating a more utilitarian feel, while others like the effect that color can add to the space. Be careful with color choice, as it one of the easiest parts of design to get wrong. You want something that fits in and brings something to the table, but that won’t draw too much attention to itself, making it standout like a sore thumb.



While material choices such as tile can bring a lot to the table in regards to pattern and color, choices such as metal and glass are much easier to clean and maintain. While the difference is not always massive, it’s definitely something that you should consider.

Kitchen back splashes are a fantastic way to bring life and energy to a kitchen design, whether you are completely redoing your kitchen, or simply looking to change things up a little bit. If you keep the above considerations in mind, you’ll find a splash back that you love!

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