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Wonderful Kitchens – The Heart of the Home

Who are Wonderful Kitchens and what makes them so wonderful? We are a family business with over 35 years of experience in kitchen design. In the kitchen design industry, we are respected for our skill, knowledge and efficiency, all of which are needed to deliver a custom kitchen design to meet your high expectations. While doing this, we also take into consideration your budget, personal tastes and lifestyle. We have a large number of satisfied customers because of our high quality services and a long history in the kitchen design industry. We warmly invite you to visit one of our kitchen showrooms to experience the quality of our design.

kitchen showrooms

kitchen showrooms


Requirements of purchasing a new kitchen

When designing and buying a new kitchen, there are a number of details you need to take into consideration. These include:

    1. You need to select a kitchen company that is stable and friendly.
    2. Choose a company with a high degree of professionalism.
    3. Finish and door profiles – You should choose a kitchen with a finish which compliments your personal preferences.
    4. Warranty policy – When choosing a professional to design your kitchen for you, you should check the type of insurance they offer, the duration and what they cover.


Why Wonderful Kitchens?

Now that you know what to look for when choosing a kitchen designer, let me tell you the benefits of hiring our services.

    1. We offer you various types of finishes for your kitchen, from the most common classic French finish to more sophisticated finishes that fit your tastes and preferences. You can visit one of our showrooms in Sydney and check out our kitchen design portfolio. You can also visit our website to view pictures of our exquisite kitchen design.
    2. Our kitchens are manufactured in Australia. We build your kitchen for you – we are not a retailer or a franchise! With us you are assured of high quality services and quick delivery time.
    3. Our service standards are very high.
    4. Every job we do is supervised by our highly trained supervisors on the site. They will take into consideration all of your requirements and ensure the job is done smoothly and efficiently.
    5. Our consultants each have more than 10 years of kitchen design experience.


kitchen showrooms

Kitchen Showrooms

We have two kitchen showrooms in Sydney – one in Willoughby and one in Padstow. Here we display the different types of kitchen installations we have for you. You can choose an exact replica of one of the installations in the showroom or request us to customize your kitchen as per your instructions. If you can’t make it to our physical showrooms, you can visit our website image gallery which has a full array of our kitchen designs .



Why is the kitchen the most important room in your house?

Of course, we know the reasons why the kitchen is the most important room in your house, but it does not hurt to remind ourselves. First of all, a kitchen is the heart and soul of every home. It is where you prepare food for your family. It is also where we spend most of our time at home – even if we are doing nothing important in the kitchen at all. Finally, apart from being a money saver, cooking is fun and can be an enjoyable hobby.

Since we all know that the kitchen is the most important place in our home, there are couple of things you can do to your kitchen to make it more attractive.


Simple tips for making your kitchen look better.Modern Kitchen Design Roselands

To make your kitchen more attractive, you need to focus on the lighting. If a kitchen is dimly lit, it will look dull and uninviting. Ensure sufficient lighting in your kitchen and you will notice the upgrade.

Add a few photo frames. By adding a photo frame of your family in your kitchen, it gives it a richer, more personalized and classic look. You can even add a couple of your favorite paintings.

Just follow the two tips we have just shared with you when revamping your kitchen. You will immediately notice the changes. For additional help, please get in touch with us. We will give your kitchen a beautiful and professional look that is something to be proud of – the best kitchen in your neighborhood!

Our company is located in Sydney. We install kitchens in the Sydney metro and Sydney regional areas. We at Wonderful Kitchens are a stable, friendly and professional company. We will turn your dream kitchen into reality. You can even let our gurus do the thinking for you. Let them use their years of experience and give you the best kitchen you can ever have. Our services are not limited to design and manufacturing only, we also do complete kitchen installations.

Contact us now for the highest quality kitchen decoration and design services.

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