The Latest Trends In Modern Kitchen Splashbacks

>>>>The Latest Trends In Modern Kitchen Splashbacks

The Latest Trends In Modern Kitchen Splashbacks

Modern kitchen splashbacks come in a wide variety of materials, colours and patterns. They can be bright and bold, or blend into the space around them. They can create a seamless flow between the upper and lower cabinets or make a bold statement. Updating the kitchen splashback is a great way to update the kitchen on a budget and breath some new life into it.

Here are some of the latest trends for modern kitchen splashbacks:

Bold, bright and Multitoned

  • Creating a bold accent wall with the tiles of the splashback. This works great in large open kitchens to help break up the areas into smaller defined spaces.
  • Using bright, multi-toned tiles to give the kitchen a pop of colour. This works well in kitchens where the cabinets are muted, neutral colours.

Intricate Designs and Patterns

  • Making a statement in the layout of the tiles. Think subway tiles, herringbone, staggered and more. Intricate designs make big impressions in small spaces.

Natural Materials and Stainless Steel

  • Using metals for the splashback. Lots of people are familiar with the look of copper in the kitchen, but you’re not limited to just copper. On trend in 2017 is Metallic silvers and other iridescent tiles to create the perfect modern kitchen splashback. Stainless steel is another great option, easy to clean and adds a modern feel.
  • Creating a splashback of natural materials. Worn, weathered brick has a timeless appeal, as does a well sealed wooden, or wood look splashback. Not up for the upkeep and cost associated with the more natural materials. Get their appearance in a more user-friendly material such as laminate or vinyl. Easy to clean up and maintain without the worry of real wood or brick. This is also great for those wanting the ship-lapped wall look without the price tag of actual shiplap.

Contrasting Colours, Shades and Designs

  • Updating your splashback so that it contrasts with the cabinets. Have white cabinets, try black subway tiles with white grout to create a high contrast space with a modern twist. Darker cabinets, go with a bright white shiplap or tile to open up the space and give contrast.
  • Matte splashbacks are making a big statement without the boldness of their glossy splashback counterparts. Soft muted matte colours speak volumes when done correctly and are one of this year’s biggest trends.
  • Glass and mirrored splashbacks are timeless classics. They are completely on trend this year and are a great addition to any kitchen, modern or classic.

Whether you are looking for a modern kitchen splashback or one that takes you back to the nostalgic past, our team at Wonderful Kitchens would be happy to find you the perfect splashback for your kitchen. Whether it is a new build or an update and renovation, our wide variety of splashback materials means you will walk away happy like our years of satisfied customers. Stop by our showroom today to see our extensive collection.

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