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The 5 Best Kitchen Benchtop Materials

Whether you are redesigning an old kitchen, creating a new one from scratch, or simply looking to improve a small but significant aspect of a kitchen you are otherwise happy with, the benchtop is likely to be one of the most important pieces you will consider. Good choice in benchtop materials and design can make or break the look of a kitchen, as well as the feel of working within it. Since the benchtop is where much of the work of cooking will be done, it is important to make a choice that you are happy with. Let’s look at 5 of some of the best benchtop materials currently available. 1. Stone Stone is an incredibly popular choice for kitchen benchtops, as it is extremely durable, stain resistant, and very [...]

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5 Pro Tips when Restoring Your Old Kitchen

Kitchens undergo wear and tear wear with time, and what started out as picturesque can quickly seem drab or worn out. This may prompt some people to feel that they should tear their kitchen apart, and make an entirely new kitchen. While this is a good option if you have the budget, it’s often not necessary to reinvigorate the kitchen, and restore it back to its initial glory. There’s a lot that can be done to make your kitchen feel good as new. Here are 5 tips for making your kitchen restoration beautiful. 1: Repainting/staining Colours fade over time, often without our noticing. Before you tear out your old cabinets, consider re-staining them, or even changing their color altogether. The same applies for walls, and for many floors. Color restoration [...]

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Restyling Your Kitchen Without Renovating

The problem of feeling stale within a space can be a persistent one, and when we lack the funds to renovate, it can be beneficial to get creative and consider what changes we can make without tearing out walls or cabinets. A lot can be done with a designer’s eye, good decoration, and minor changes. When it comes to kitchen inspiration, there are a lot of great options to change the feel and function of the kitchen without having to go all the way and tear things down. One of the most striking things you can do to change the overall look and feel of your kitchen is to change the colors, introduce new ones, or both, which can be done by painting cupboards, cabinets, and walls. To make a [...]

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How To Achieve A Stress Free Kitchen Renovation

All too often during a kitchen renovation, homeowners are expected to juggle the various tradesmen and workers as well as solve any problems that arise.  At Wonderful Kitchens, we handle every aspect of the design and renovation process, sparing you from the headaches that renovation projects demand. Wonderful Kitchens will handle every detail including electrical, plumbing and structural.  Our site supervisors are present to ensure every job is followed through and meets our high standard of quality.  It’s one of the toughest rooms to renovate, but Wonderful Kitchens will guide you through the process. But if you’re still not convinced that DIY isn’t the way to go, here’s why you should consider hiring a professional with years of experience.   More Experience Equals A Better Result Your brother-in-laws mate may [...]

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Small Kitchen Renovation

  For those interested in redoing their kitchen, but are limited by the size, it can often be difficult to incorporate all of the different ideas that they have. When it comes to small kitchen renovation, space efficiency is everything, and it’s important that whatever style you are going for, you make do your best to consider how the space could be best utilized. This may mean you have to make certain sacrifices, but also means there is a lot of room for creativity.   In cooperating storage into your small space. One of the first things you may want to consider is storage. This refers to cabinets, cupboards, pantries, et cetera. There are a lot of different ways to get creative in this department, and any saved space in [...]

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How Long Do Kitchen Renovations Take?

  How Long Do Kitchen Renovations Take?   If you own a home, you’ll understand that adding to it, renovating parts of it, and making changes to it is one of the easiest ways that you can increase its sale value should you ever decide to sell. Kitchen makeovers and renovations are popular and certainly draw the eye of potential homebuyers, but how long do kitchen renovations take, and are they really worth the cost and effort involved?   Contemporary Kitchens: A Timeless Space Though some renovations are cost effective in the short term, such as a lick of paint, some are quite costly but have long term benefits. Kitchen renovations typically require a reasonable upfront investment, but just think of how often you use your kitchen? The kitchen is [...]

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Does Renovating Kitchen Add Value?

Many homeowners often ask themselves the question, will renovating my home increase its value? Often it’s a matter of weighing up a lot of factors before launching into a renovation, and the most important to consider, will the cost to renovate increase the market value or will it end up money wasted. It’s also good to consider the reasons for renovating your property is it to live in long term or was your property purchased as a short-term moneymaker? If that’s the case then there are a few areas you can look at renovating that will not only add market value, but also add to the overall aesthetic look of your home. The two main areas home-buyers look for in a house when purchasing is the bathroom and the kitchen. [...]

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How Long Do Kitchen Renovations Take?

If you’ve made the decision to renovate but are wondering, "How long do kitchen renovations take?" The answer to this all depends on what type of renovation you are looking at doing, and also how quickly you want them finished. For example- if your plan is to take holidays or long service leave and invest all your time into getting the renovation finished as quickly as possible, then for obvious reason it would be completed quicker than if you were to renovate while still working and going about every day life. Its difficult to give a time frame for kitchen renovations However a rough guideline for kitchen renovations is between 6-8 weeks. The main factors to consider when you are thinking about renovating your kitchen: What type of renovation am [...]

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How much are kitchen renovations?

Kitchen renovations are often thought to be one of the biggest costs when renovating a home.  And this can be quite true. But with the right planning and often the help of a professional, a kitchen renovation doesn’t have to cost and arm a leg. There are many factors to consider when renovating a kitchen and often the biggest consideration is your budget. Once you have that in place, the planning can really begin. A budget is important for several reasons, firstly, without a budget the cost can add up quite quickly and before you know it you’ve already overspent. This is where tracking your expenses is important. Secondly a budget can help you plan better, allocating finances to each area helps you work out what you can afford to [...]

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How to avoid mistakes when carrying out kitchen Makeovers

A kitchen makeover is often on the wish list of many Sydney homeowners, and for good reason. If a makeover is properly done, it can make a kitchen look more attractive, improve its efficiency, and also raise the home’s resale value. However, renovating a kitchen can be quite an uphill task. This is because there is no one-size-fits-all approach; with even experienced do-it-yourselfers and skilled designers, they can still miss crucial details. Mistakes are not just common they are unavoidable. The good news is that a homeowner can keep mistakes to a minimum by taking certain measures. Below is a look at how to avoid mistakes when carrying out kitchen makeovers. […]

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