What Makes A Contemporary Bathroom?

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Let’s take a moment to look at what makes a contemporary bathroom.  But wait!  Before I launch into this blog, there’s something I want to clear up - it’s a simple and common misunderstanding: the word ‘contemporary’ does not have the same meaning as the word ‘modern’.  In fact, these terms, when it comes to bathroom design, refer to quite different styles.   Contemporary(a): existing or occurring at the same [...]

Why Not Add Some Greenery To Your Living Spaces?

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Indoor plants are beautiful ornaments, but that’s not all.  They’re natural healers, air filters, and humidifiers. So, it’s no wonder potted indoor plants have been popular since the early Roman times - they provide significant physical and mental health benefits as well as adding a refreshing splash of color to any living space. Greenery in the kitchen is a must.  Whether it’s a vase of fresh flowers or a selection [...]

Remodelling Your Bathroom- Practicality Vs. Prestige

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It's a balancing act. Getting the perfect harmony between prestige and practicality can be tricky, but it's not impossible. In fact, it's quite possible to have a bathroom that's as functional as it is beautiful… Whether you're remodeling your bathroom as your own private sanctuary or wanting a room that'll leave your guest's and friends swooning, it's not hard to achieve. There are thousands of ideas floating around out there [...]

3 Reasons Why We Love Pendant Lights In The Kitchen

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Whether you’re focused on functionality or style, pendant lighting works perfectly.  Practical; beautiful; modern; traditional.  It doesn’t matter if your’s is a simple or prestigious kitchen - lighting is super important for any culinary space, for creating both a workable and aesthetically pleasing area. In layman’s terms: we love pendant lights in the kitchen.  And here are 3 of our top reasons:   Functionality There’s a simple reason why pendant [...]

Creating A Contemporary Feel In An Older Kitchen

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Let’s face the facts: your tired old kitchen is getting on your nerves.  The cabinetry is scratched and dented, the benchtops are outdated, the tiling has seen better days and it’s dark and dingy. When you have friends over, you really don’t like them to spend time in the kitchen area - it’s just downright embarrassing.   Ideally, you’d love to rip the whole thing out and start again, but [...]

The Experts Weigh In – How Important Is A Kitchen Layout?

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If there’s one piece of advice that we as professionals can give you, it’s this: don’t underestimate the importance of your kitchen layout.  In fact, we believe that kitchen layout is one of the most important areas of design.  Regardless of the color, style or the quality of the appliances, if the layout just doesn’t work, the kitchen is bound to be a disappointment. Today’s kitchen has become the central [...]

The 5 Most Popular Layouts For Designer Kitchens

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There’s no point trying to re-invent the wheel.  That’s why the same selection of basic kitchen layouts remain popular, year-in-year-out. Whether they’re big, small, basic or glamorous, these designs models survive for one common reason: they work. Read on to learn about the 5 most popular designer kitchen layouts: The Galley The space efficient, “lean”, one-cook kitchen design.  Ideal for homes and apartments where space is at a premium.  The [...]

10 Ways To Make A Small Kitchen Seem Larger- Designer Tips!

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When we dream about our Utopian kitchen, we don’t generally imagine it to be small.  But (don’t we know it!) reality is sometimes a long way from perfection!  Nevertheless, life is what we make it, and so is the kitchen!  And believe us, your kitchen doesn’t have to be big to be beautiful.  Your small kitchen can still be a practical, delightful and inviting place to work and socialize.   [...]

5 Expert Tips For Creating A Bathroom Haven For Your Home.

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The bathroom, although not the first place you might think of as a relaxation corner, certainly has its place among the most important rooms in the house.  The reality is that every home requires a bathroom, so why not make it a nice one?!  And, truth be known, it is a place where you can genuinely unwind, recharge and wash off the stress of the day… When dealing with bathroom [...]