2017 Kitchen Trends- Stay Up to Date with the Latest Styles

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Each year brings with it many new trends and styles in award-winning kitchens. Australia designers are hot on the heels of many other world-renowned designers when it comes to kitchen design and trends. Each trend brings different elements to life within the kitchen space and serves its own purpose. Some trends will last the test of time, some may disappear as quickly as they appeared. Here are a few of the upcoming trends and styles for kitchens in Australia. Gold faucets and tapware. Rose gold is said to be all the rage this year and something that you will likely see in many show homes as well as higher end properties. Bright chromes and polished silvers will still be on trend but gold seems to be taking over the tapware [...]

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What’s the Difference Between a Kitchen Designer and Stylist?

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When it comes to remodeling and renovating your kitchen, one of the biggest questions that come’s up is what is the difference between a kitchen designer, and a stylist? Knowing the differences can help you decide which one is better for your renovation and which one will better suit your needs. Design tends to deal more with the actual elements of a kitchen - where things go, the specific layout and materials. A stylist is someone who makes a room look good. Often this means preparing it to be at a staged level for sale. Interior designer kitchens can benefit from having both a designer and stylist involved in their upgrade and remodel; even if the end goal is not to sell it, but to have that beautiful showroom wow [...]

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Which Way is Up? Why Laying Tiles Should be Left to the Experts

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Kitchen planners, designers, and contractors have years of experience and expertise in doing everything kitchen related. This, of course, covers laying tiles. Be it for the backsplash, the floor or the countertop, there are lots of places tiles can be utilised in a kitchen. This is why it should be left to the experts who know the best ways to do it, and the tricks of the trade to ensure you have the best-looking tiles possible. What can go wrong with not hiring an expert? The tiles can have improper spacing that can cause cracking or shifting of tiles. This can cause all sorts of issues in the future and require new tiles to be installed. Another issue that can arise with improper spacing is an improper amount of grout. [...]

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Renovation Costs Down

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Though we may not congregate in them, and usually we try to spend as little time as possible in them, the reality is, we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. It is no wonder then, that in a smaller room where so much time is spent we will quickly notice the things that need to be renovated. The word renovation though can strike fear through our bank accounts. When we think of renovations, we usually think of high costs that we just can’t fit into our budget. That doesn’t mean to say it cannot be done on a budget, it just means it may take some creativity on your part. Reuse whatever you can. This should go without saying, but honestly, reusing anything you can in the bathroom [...]

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Colours and Patterns: Tips to Bring Your Old Kitchen Back to Life

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Nothing dates a kitchen quicker than old colours and patterns splashed across the kitchen tiles. Old looking cabinetry and outdated countertops can make your kitchen look like it is caught in the past. That doesn’t mean you need an entire kitchen renovation though. With some simple changes to the colours and patterns in the kitchen, you can bring it all up to date and make it look fresh and new. One of the areas that typically needs attention to change the feel and age of it, is the kitchen tiles. Does your floor still scream of the 1970’s? Changing out the old patterns for newer ones can change the entire feel of the room. How do you pick to ensure that in 5 years you are not needing to redo [...]

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Out with the Old and in With the New

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What to do When Your Old Kitchen Has Seen its Last Day? Every item in a home has an expiry date. Not in the way food expires of course, but a day that will come when it needs to be renovated, renewed or just torn down and started again from scratch. Kitchens are no different, and as one of the most used rooms in a house it can get to its last days a whole lot quicker than other rooms in a home. It will reach a point where it has no choice but to be renovated, and what better time than that to go with a brand new modern kitchen design. Renovating your kitchen can entail a lot. You can tear the entire space down to the drywall and [...]

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Renovating Without Breaking the Bank

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Kitchen renovation costs can add up quickly. That doesn’t mean that the renovations cannot be done without breaking the bank, and there are many ways to save money while having it still look like you have a brand-new kitchen. Figuring out what needs to be done, and how to do it on a budget doesn’t have to be difficult. Keeping in mind the following tips will ensure that you get your brand-new kitchen and still have money in the bank. You can change your cabinets for a minimal cost. Things like utilising the floor models at the store can cut costs quite a bit. Can’t find discounted or floor models you like? You can always update the cabinets without starting from scratch. Just changing the doors can change the overall [...]

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Renovating A Kitchen- And Wondering Where To Begin?

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Kitchen renovations can seem daunting and overwhelming. There are many different aspects to the kitchen and plenty of ways to change things, whether it is a basic change or a more extreme change like completely gutting it and starting new. Where then do you begin? What is the best approach to starting your renovation? Here are some things to consider when thinking about beginning a renovation ·      Decide what it is you are looking to renovate. There are many different things that complete the kitchen, and many ways to change it up. You can look for simple changes such as painting the walls, or changing out the kitchen lights, to much more dramatic ones such as over-hauling the whole kitchen. Are you looking to renovate just the appliances? This alone [...]

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Turning an Average Bathroom into a Luxury Bathroom!

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We spend quite a bit of time in our bathrooms, from getting ourselves ready in the morning, to bathing and washing up, to using the facilities. Why wouldn’t we want a luxury bathroom? With so much time spent in this one little room, changing from a run of the mill average bathroom to a luxury bathroom can be a small change, but with loads of advantages. How then can we change the average bathroom from mediocre to one we enjoy being in? IM glad you asked. ·      Fixtures and Faucets Just changing up the fixtures in the bathroom can improve the overall feeling of it. Going from common builder grade fixtures to higher end ones can give the bathroom a much more elegant feeling. This can be as simple as [...]

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How Lighting Enhances a Kitchen’s Appeal

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Lighting can take your kitchen from drab to an award-winning kitchen design when done correctly. Nothing is worse in a kitchen than sub-par lighting or dark areas that are difficult to work in. That said, proper lighting can be the perfect complement to a kitchen renovation. Where do you start in making sure the lighting is just what your kitchen needs? What lighting should you use? Here are some quick tips to get you started in thinking about your new kitchen design. Under cabinet lights can make seeing what you are doing on the countertop easier. Overhead lights are great, but smaller area-specific lighting such as this can enhance your kitchen, as well as make working in it easier. Even simple LED light strips can make a big difference. Recessed lights [...]

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