Kitchen Renovation Ideas That Are On Trend For 2017

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There are lots of different creative kitchen renovation ideas that can help you to create the perfect kitchen that you will love and enjoy for many years to come. With a touch of creativity and a little bit of hard work, you can make big changes to your kitchen. Even in small limited spaces, there are always things you can do to renovate and update your kitchen. Top Creative Ideas for Kitchen Renovations Add more storage. The kickplate at the bottom of most cabinets can be removed to make sliding drawers. This is a great place to store flatter things like cookie pans or cutting boards. It gets them out of more useful cupboards and takes advantage of dead space that already exists in your kitchen. Lack of pantry space? [...]

Island Benches- Space Savers Or Obstacles?

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Kitchen island benches are very common.  Sometimes they’re very practical.  Sometimes they’re not.  The question is, are you going to invest in one, or leave it out of the plan?   There’s no doubt about it, there are fors and againsts for island benches.  The range of island bench designs is huge, and in some situations, they add real value, while in other kitchens they’re nothing short of a nuisance.   Probably one of the biggest factors in your decision is the floor space of your kitchen area. Here are some factors to think about if you're leaning towards installing an island bench. An island bench can add a real statement and really take your kitchen up a level, provided you have space.  Your kitchen must be functional and if [...]

Kitchen Cupboards And Storage – Functional And Fashionable! 

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The kitchen is arguably the central hub of most homes. And it is far more than just a place where meals are made. It’s where you chat over coffee, enjoy those special moments cooking with the kids, discuss menus and do one-hundred-and-one other little odd jobs!   Because it’s a space you spend so much time in, share with friends and want to enjoy, your kitchen needs to be both fashionable and functional.  The former is easy to achieve.  With your good taste and the skill of the team at Wonderful Kitchens, it really goes without saying.  But perhaps the emphasis really goes to the latter - regardless of how modern or beautiful your kitchen is, it MUST be functional.  If it is to meet the criteria of your household [...]

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Renovate A Kitchen?

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Winter? Spring? Summer or Autumn?  Is there a ‘best’ time of year to do your kitchen renovation?   You’re planning a kitchen makeover.  Right?  And you want to make sure you do it right first time. The burning question is, what time of year is best to undertake a major home project like this one?   Everyone has different suggestions, and that’s fine, but here are some points that might be worth thinking about:   Weather A kitchen renovation means that you’ll have more people coming and going from the property, and in and out of the house. Ideally, you don’t want the winter’s dirt tromped all through your home or the yard around the house churned up into a mud bath.  And if it’s freezing cold outside you’re going [...]

From Shabby To Chic- Kitchen Remodels On A Budget

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When most people think of kitchen improvements, they also think of the big numbers that tend to come with it and the cash that they may not have to inject into the project. Often, we forget that little budget-friendly improvements can make a big impact overall and can change the entire look and feel of the kitchen without a big price tag. Change the cabinets Opting to change up the cabinets can transform the feel and design of the kitchen. Now I know what you’re thinking, cabinets are costly. There are a few options to this that are budget friendly. You can choose to just paint the cabinet fronts a different colour. This can freshen up the kitchen without a huge investment. If you are looking to spend a little [...]

Renovating an Investment Property- Top 3 Tips for Investors

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Any investment carries with it some potential risks. Done right though, an investment is well worth that potential risk. Renovating and updating investment properties is no different. If done right and done well, you can turn a money pit of a home into one that brings you positive cash flow for many years to come or create a quick easy flip that leaves cash in your pocket. With a couple tips, you can minimise your risk though. Focus on the main living areas. The wow factor for a lot of people comes into play in those main living spaces. When you are looking to move into a home the first room that you want to make sure is just right tends to be the kitchen, bathrooms, and main living areas. If they [...]

The Latest Trends In Modern Kitchen Splashbacks

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Modern kitchen splashbacks come in a wide variety of materials, colours and patterns. They can be bright and bold, or blend into the space around them. They can create a seamless flow between the upper and lower cabinets or make a bold statement. Updating the kitchen splashback is a great way to update the kitchen on a budget and breath some new life into it. Here are some of the latest trends for modern kitchen splashbacks: Bold, bright and Multitoned Creating a bold accent wall with the tiles of the splashback. This works great in large open kitchens to help break up the areas into smaller defined spaces. Using bright, multi-toned tiles to give the kitchen a pop of colour. This works well in kitchens where the cabinets are muted, [...]

Wonderful Kitchens Renovation Survival Guide

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The new kitchen you have dreamed of is finally coming true. Congratulations! But hang on, there’s just one small transitional step…did anyone tell you that you might be without your kitchen for a small while? Let’s be honest – kitchen makeovers aren’t pretty in the making. Of course, the ideal scenario is to leave town while your re-hash is underway. And if this is an option for you, well, by all means, go for it! However, for most of us, life has to go on regardless, and even though you are trying hard to focus on the big picture and remember this is a temporary inconvenience, it’s still a living nightmare. Survival during a renovation is literally a means to an end. And even if you dine out sometimes, nobody [...]

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Where To Invest The Top Dollars in Kitchen Renovations

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The kitchen is probably one of the most exciting rooms in your home to renovate. But it can also be a ‘make or break’ room – one that creates a real ‘wow’ factor or one that brings down the whole value of your house. That’s why it’s so important to know where to spend the big dollars. There’s no denying it: kitchen renovation costs money, so let’s make sure yours is spent wisely. Whether the renovation is for your family home or a rental property, the kitchen is going to get a workout. So, it needs to be built to last. Cabinetry Is there anything more frustrating than cabinet doors that don’t latch properly, come off their hinges or draws that stick or break under the weight of the contents?  [...]

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The Evolution of Kitchen Design – A Look Through The Eras

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Next time you flick the kettle on for a cuppa, grab meat out of the freezer, look up a dessert recipe on your phone or unpack the dishwasher, just take a moment to think about all the modern conveniences in the kitchen that make your life easier. From the microwave to the tiled floor, there is so much we take for granted that saves us time, effort and space. But, ask your mum or your grandma - this hasn’t always been the case! Let’s take a moment to look at kitchens through time… The kitchen, perhaps more than any other room in the house, has always been subject to constant change and innovation. New ideas, better functionality, space saving designs and colours have evolved over the years to produce today’s [...]

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