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The Evolution of Kitchen Design- A Look Through The Era’s

Posted by on Aug 16, 2017 in Designer Kitchens | Comments Off on The Evolution of Kitchen Design- A Look Through The Era’s

Next time you flick the kettle on for a cuppa, grab meat out of the freezer, look up a dessert recipe on your phone or unpack the dishwasher, just take a moment to think about all the modern conveniences in the kitchen that make your life easier.  From the microwave to the tiled floor, there is so much we take for granted that saves us time, effort and space.  But, ask your mum or your grandma – this hasn’t always been the case!  Let’s take a moment to look at kitchens through time…

The kitchen, perhaps more than any other room in the house, has always been subject to constant change and innovation.  New ideas, better functionality, space saving designs and colours have evolved over the years to produce today’s modern and beautiful kitchens.

Food preparation areas, what we know as today’s kitchens, have been part of human living since shelters first came into existence, but let’s just concentrate on the last 100 years.

new kitchen designThe 1920’s – 1930’s was a time of innovation, yet financial hardship for many people.  With the Great Depression at its height, the kitchen was a central hub for most families and design centred on practicality, functionality and space saving. With the entrance of appliances into the homes of those who could afford these luxuries, kitchens started to take on a level of sophistication.  The gas stove, refrigerator and icebox opened up a whole new world of storing and cooking food – the domestic kitchen was on the eve of a revolution…

During the years of WW2, home design took place in the sacrifice for survival and cost saving was paramount.  It was the age of the consumer and every spare cent went towards the global war effort.  Despite hardship on the home front, bright colours such as apple green, pink, orange and yellow added the much needed cheer in the kitchen, while designs were plain and simple.  Cupboards often included built-in steps to assist housewives with reaching high shelves and the introduction of linoleum floors was practical and timesaving. 

Post war kitchens began pushing the boundaries both in colour and design.  The war had opened up the channels of communication and travel and European appliances began filtering into many homes around the world.  New materials such as plastics and vinyl made way for new kitchen designs and, combined with bold floral wallpapers, the kitchen became quite a centerpiece.

As the swinging sixties arrived, pop artists had their influence over interior design and kitchens took up the tune of minimalism and funky colours.  Curved corners and stainless appliances, copper, stone and timber all took their place of pride. The 1970s saw the introduction of dishwashers and microwaves into most homes.  It was the age of the breakfast bar, the wall mounted oven and the island bench.

The 1980s and 1990s was the age of decadence.  Welcome the mansion, the internet and mobile phone.  Modern kitchens incorporated blonde timber, granite benchtops, stainless steel, downlights and colour palettes of white and pastels.  Cabinetry evolved to make way for the latest and greatest in appliances.  Brighter.  Bigger.  More expensive and more showy.  

new kitchen designThat brings us to the last stage of our kitchen journey.  Today’s kitchens are a culmination of designs from every corner of the globe.  Instant internet access allows us to get inspiration from any culture and design feature across the ages.  There are no boundaries – we have access to nearly any building material we fancy and appliances are affordable to most households.  The wheels of change have us seeing new kitchen designs all the time, incorporating retro styles with the best of today’s modern conveniences. 


How To Create A Energy Efficient Kitchen

Posted by on Aug 8, 2017 in Designer Kitchens | Comments Off on How To Create A Energy Efficient Kitchen

modern contemporary kitchen

One of the biggest things on the mind of any homeowner today is ‘how can I cut my living costs’. Sometimes we feel like we’ve got our hands tied when it comes to utility bills, but there are things you can do to help. And one of them is creating a modern contemporary kitchen that is also an energy efficient kitchen.
Whether you are renovating an existing space or designing a new one from scratch, the basics are the same. Here are a few tips to help you make your new kitchen as energy efficient as possible:

Here are a few tips to help you make your new kitchen as energy efficient as possible:

1. Appliances

When you start your hunt for appliances you’ll see that most of them are now rated for energy efficiency. In fact, all appliances sold through Australia’s major retailers are required by law to be energy rated. Using a 5-star system, it is really easy for customers to see which one/s are the most efficient in terms of water and power consumption. The higher the number of stars displayed, the lower the energy used by that appliance.
Other things you might like to consider when purchasing appliances are:
• Triple glazed oven doors
• One large fridge instead of a smaller one + a bar/wine fridge
• Dish drawers instead of a full sized dishwasher
• Induction cooktops
If you are re-using existing appliances, check things like the rubber seals around the oven door – are they perished at all? If so, they will reduce the efficiency of the unit.

2. Lighting

Remember, natural light doesn’t cost, so flood your kitchen with any available daylight. By using windows and skylights you can help reduce the need for artificial lighting and double-glazed windows can also cut costs on both your heating and cooling bills.
The right colour palette will also greatly assist in maximising natural light. Dark colours absorb light while light ones will reflect it and reduce the need for you to turn on the lights as you enter the room.
Some electric lighting is going to be a necessity, however, you can reduce the running cost of your lights by choosing more efficient LED or CFL globes. Also, consider switching your lights separately – do you really need to turn all the lights on at once or can you have different areas on different switches?

3. Flooring

Think seriously about the type of flooring you are going to use in your new kitchen. While large areas of tiles might look spectacular and are easy to clean, they are also very cold. Of course, whatever you choose needs to suit your needs, so weigh up all options including wood, vinyl, tile and kitchen carpets.

4. Hot water

We all use hot water in our kitchens. So let’s look at reducing costs here too. Consider installing an instant hot water system for your sink rather than using the traditional hot water storage tank.
Creatinaward winning kitchen designg your modern contemporary kitchen is an exciting journey, so why not get it right first time round? At Wonderful Kitchens, we understand energy efficient kitchens. After winning the award for best
of Houzz design 2017, it’s clear to see we are the experts in design. Our friendly staff can help you make choices that will be best for you. call us today on 02 9772 2988 for a chat with one of our sales consultants. or check out our website at http://wonderfulkitchens.com.au 

5 Tips to Make Your Kitchen Appear Bigger

Posted by on Jul 30, 2017 in Kitchen Design | Comments Off on 5 Tips to Make Your Kitchen Appear Bigger

kitchen design layoutA great kitchen design layout can make your kitchen appear bigger than it really is, whereas other kitchen layouts may make your kitchen feel cramped and tight. You may not always be able to alter the space your kitchen takes up, but there are things that you can do to make your kitchen appear bigger than it actually is.

Here are just a few tips:

  • Stick to white cabinets and walls or brighter colours. White reflects the most light and can help increase how big the space feels by making it bright and airy. This can go a long way to creating a more spacious feeling room.
  • Reduce the footprint of the cabinets. Nowhere is it stated that cabinets have to be a standard size. If the room doesn’t allow for standard sizes, go for cabinets that are shallow and give more floor space. Yes, you are giving up some cabinet space but it will make the room feel that much more open.
  • Choose more compact appliances. If the space feels overwhelmed by a really big fridge or stove, smaller apartment sized appliances might be the best way to improve on your kitchen design layout. Same goes for the sink. A double basin might be nice to have, but it may work better in the space to go for a single basin and give yourself that added counter space for cooking and prepping meals.
  • Utilised mirrored tiles or mirrors in the kitchen. They will help to reflect light as well as space which will create the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is. Mirrored tiles reflecting into each other can create the illusion of an endless kitchen, which can trick our minds into not feeling quite as cramped as we actually are in a smaller kitchen space.
  • Utilize as much bright lighting as feels comfortable in the space. Dark lit kitchens will feel small no matter their true size, and the reverse is also true. The more brightly lit all the surfaces and regularly used spaces are, the bigger the kitchen will feel to those in it and using it.

Though you may not be able to change your kitchen design layout, you can always use different tips and tricks to make it appear that much bigger and brighter than it really is. If you need more ideas or help to create a bigger kitchen in a smaller space our team at Wonderful Kitchens would love to be your kitchen planners of choice. Drop by our store today and see how we can

2017 Kitchen Trends- Stay Up to Date with the Latest Styles

Posted by on Jul 25, 2017 in Kitchen Design | Comments Off on 2017 Kitchen Trends- Stay Up to Date with the Latest Styles

Award winning kitchens AustraliaEach year brings with it many new trends and styles in award-winning kitchens. Australia designers are hot on the heels of many other world renowned designers when it comes to kitchen design and trends.

Each trend brings different elements to life within the kitchen space and serves its own purpose. Some trends will last the test of time, some may disappear as quickly as they appeared.

Here are a few of the upcoming trends and styles for kitchens in Australia.

  • Gold faucets and tapware. Rose gold is said to be all the rage this year and something that you will likely see in many show homes as well as higher end properties. Bright chromes and polished silvers will still be on trend but gold seems to be taking over the tapware this year.
  • Thin benchtops. Gone are the thick, marble countertops of yesterday. Now the light airy feel of thin benchtops is the current fad. These can be quite eye-catching and open up a space nicely so it may be one trend that has some staying power.
  • Wall to wall and ceiling to floor tiles. Bright, inviting patterns and shapes work to create masterpieces and feature walls this year. As an added bonus, it makes cleanup a breeze after a long day in the kitchen. Contrasting grout can make an even bigger impact on these feature walls.
  • Brighter, more open kitchens are on trend this year brought to you by a lack of the big bulky upper cabinets. Yes, this will reduce cabinet space, but it can create just the right feel of open in a smaller sized kitchen. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any storage above the countertop. Open styles shelves are right on trend and a big part of this year’s styles.
  • Lighting is always trending and changing, and this year’s latest style is area lighting that accents specific areas within the kitchen. Simply additions like undercabinet, or benchtop lights can create an award-winning kitchen in Australia this year.
  • Green accents and features. Everyone is thinking green this year, and it translates into bright, eye-popping hues of this earthy tone in everything from appliances to cabinets, to tiles. Little pops of green can make a big statement when contrasted against black and white. Moody, emotional pallets of colour are also in, think charcoal, blacks, and other greys.

No matter what trend or style you are wanting in your home to create an award-winning kitchen, the team at Wonderful Kitchens has what you are looking for. As Houzz awards recipient for customer service, we go that extra mile to make sure our customers are happy and cared for as they seek out the kitchen of their dreams.

What’s the Difference Between a Kitchen Designer or Stylist?

Posted by on Jul 12, 2017 in Designer Kitchens | Comments Off on What’s the Difference Between a Kitchen Designer or Stylist?

When it comes to remodeling and renovating your kitchen, one of the biggest questions that come’s up is what is the difference between a kitchen designer, and a stylist? Knowing the differences can help you decide which one is better for your renovation. Additionally, which one will better suit your needs. Prevent any potential embarrassment by knowing beforehand exactly which one you need to call for what you are seeking to achieve.

Design tends to deal more with the actual elements of a kitchen. Where things go, the specific layout and materials. Whereas a stylist is someone who makes a room look good.  often this means preparing it to be at a staged level for sale.

interior design kitchenInterior designer kitchens can benefit from having both involved in their upgrade and remodel. Even if the end goal is not to sell it, but to have that beautiful showroom wow factor. The designer can create the space how you want it. They can move walls, change the layout, make it more open and inviting. They are involved with designing the project typically from day one and see it through to the end goal of a beautiful designer kitchen. Once the designer has finished their job, the stylist gets their moment to shine. The stylist will then create that awe-inspiring designer kitchen. Their focus will be on the furniture, the colours and textures that exist within the space.

Another key difference is that traditionally a kitchen designer will work with and interact with the homeowner to create a kitchen of their dreams. They are involved in all the steps along the way, communicating with the home owner on their ideal vision for their kitchen. Stylists, on the other hand, are usually more involved with agencies. They are the ones that set up homes to be photographed for sales listings and magazines. Some homeowners will utilise a stylist if they want the professionally decorated feeling for their home.

No matter how you decide the space needs a facelift. Either by a design change or a style change. You can now decide confidently on which service you need and know wholeheartedly exactly what they will provide.

When you are ready to create your own interior designer kitchen, the company to call is Wonderful Kitchens. With our teams Latest Houzz award for customer service, you can rest assured that we are the experts in kitchen design. We will do everything you can to lead you on the right path of creating, from design to finished product, the kitchen of your dreams.


Which Way is Up? Why Laying Tiles Should be Left to the Experts

Posted by on Jul 5, 2017 in Kitchen Design | Comments Off on Which Way is Up? Why Laying Tiles Should be Left to the Experts

Kitchen planners, designers, and contractors have years of experience and expertise in doing everything kitchen related. This, of course, covers laying tiles. Be it for the backsplash, the floor or the countertop, there are lots of places tiles can be utilised in a kitchen. This is why it should be left to the experts who know the best ways to do it, and the tricks of the trade to ensure you have the best-looking tiles possible.

What can go wrong with not hiring an expert?

kitchen plannersThe tiles can have improper spacing that can cause cracking or shifting of tiles. This can cause all sorts of issues in the future and require new tiles to be installed.

Another issue that can arise with improper spacing is an improper amount of grout. The grout between tiles adds to the structural integrity of your tiled space. Too much, too wet, too thick, too thin and you can have all sorts of issues.

Different tiles require different types of adhesion. Some need to be waterproof, others need to be more supportive. Not knowing which one you need can create a headache down the road.

Speaking of different tiles, there are different tiles that have different uses. Tiles meant for splashbacks, for example, would create potential slipping dangers if used on the floor. Kitchen planners and contractors are well aware of the traction level of each type of tile and where they can be best applied.

You may not purchase enough tiles for the job and may not be able to get the same style down the road when you complete your project. This can lead to frustration in trying to locate a few more tiles, or worse case having to tear it all out and start again with a new style of tile. Different cases of tiles may also have slightly different imperfections. This can make a difference if not mixed up enough between all tiles being used in the job. Kitchen planners will know how many tiles they need, as well as how much coverage (extra tile) they should purchase in case of breakage and tiles needing to be trimmed for different spaces.

Not properly preparing the surfaces to be tiled can create uneven tiles, grout, and major issues. It can cause uneven weight distribution on the tiles so that once walked on they crack.

As you can see not going with a professional kitchen planner or contractor can lead to many more headaches than it is worth. Wonderful Kitchens are here to help you with your tiling needs and avoid unnecessary blunders. This can be the difference between a sub-par kitchen filled with issues and your dream kitchen.

Colours and Patterns: Tips to Bring Your Old Kitchen Back to Life

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Nothing dates a kitchen quicker than old colours and patterns splashed across the kitchen tiles. Old looking cabinetry and outdated countertops can make your kitchen look like it is caught in the past. That doesn’t mean you need an entire kitchen renovation though. With some simple changes to the colours and patterns in the kitchen, you can bring it all up to date and make it look fresh and new.

One of the areas that typically needs attention to change the feel and age of it, is the kitchen tiles. Does your floor still scream of the 1970’s? Changing out the old patterns for newer ones can change the entire feel of the room.

How do you pick to ensure that in 5 years you are not needing to redo it all over again to bring it up to date?

  • kitchen tilesLook for neutral tones. Nothing dates something faster than utilising bright and current colours or high energy
    patterns. Neutral colours are something that is time tested and doesn’t go out of style in the same way that era specific ones will. This goes for everything from the cabinet doors to the kitchen tiles.
  • Consider the size of your space. If it is a smaller space you need lighter, like a splash back, select brighter colours and tones. Dark
    colours can make a small space seem even smaller. If on the other hand, you have a very wide open kitchen, going with darker tones can give your kitchen a smaller more intimate feel.
  • Understand how your kitchen is utilised. Some materials are better for high traffic areas than others, and this is important with things like your flooring. It might be great to have that tile that comes in your picture-perfect colours, but not if the material it is made of cannot hold up to the traffic demands of your home. This is where you need to remember that it’s not just about the colours and patterns, but also about the functionality of the space as well.
  • Know your colour wheel. Utilising the colour wheel can help you ensure that the tones and shades in the room help it and don’t hinder it. You have two options here, although the latter one can date your kitchen quickly. By looking at the colour wheel, choose similar tones. They will compliment each other well and ensure a nice palette though out the kitchen. The second option is to utilise contrasting colours. That is colours that are directly across from one another on the colour wheel. This will give you highly contrasting colours, but can also date the kitchen. Although an extreme example, this is like having blue walls with an orange countertop… not your best choice of colours to keep your kitchen current.

No matter the colours and patterns you are looking for, or even if you are undecided, let our team at Wonderful Kitchens help you out. We can help you determine which colours will work best for your kitchen tiles, counters and beyond.  Stop by one of our convenient Sydney locations today.

Out with the Old and in With the New

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What to do When Your Old Kitchen Has Seen its Last Day?modern kitchen design

Every item in a home has an expiry date. Not in the way food expires of course, but a day that will come when it needs to be renovated, renewed or just torn down and started again from scratch. Kitchens are no different, and as one of the most used rooms in a house it can get to its last days a whole lot quicker than other rooms in a home. It will reach a point where it has no choice but to be renovated, and what better time than that to go with a brand new modern kitchen design.

Renovating your kitchen can entail a lot. You can tear the entire space down to the drywall and start again. It can even involve removing walls and creating a more open modern design. Or on the other side of the spectrum, it can be as simple as refinishing surfaces and giving it the appearance of a brand-new space.

How do you decide which is better?

If your cupboards are falling off the walls, the floor tiles are chipped and cracked, and your counter just can’t take one more day it may be in your best interest to start with a fresh modern kitchen design. Most of us though, reach the point of knowing that we need to start updating a space long before it reaches the point of no return. If you happen to decide soon enough, before it becomes irreparable, you can save yourself substantially on the make-over.

Which brings us to another key element of deciding what to do when your kitchen has seen it’s last days. Budget. Not everyone can pull back the space to the studs and start completely fresh. With more substantial renovations comes more substantial costs. This means that you must have the money in the bank before you consider this route, or have another means of finance. Often banks will let you draw back on your pre-existing loan and access funds for things such as renovations and home improvements. Budget alone can be the deciding factor for most people on what can and cannot be done.

What’s neccesary and what’s not?

If you have the money, by all means, create your dream kitchen. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly alternative, decide what elements need to be changed or refinished now and start there. Little by little you can get the space overhauled by starting with the items that need updating the most.

Budget friendlier ways to breathe life back into the space can be as simple as changing counters and flooring or updating the tiles in the space. You can refinish the cabinets or change out the fronts altogether. Little things can change the space and give you more time in one of the most used rooms of your home.

When you decide the time is right to create a new kitchen, or are looking to go with a modern kitchen design, let Wonderful Kitchens be your team. We can help you assess what areas need to be fixed first, or what items can wait just a little bit longer. Of course, if you are wanting to go with the complete overhaul route, we can help you do that too. What are you waiting for? Visit us today.


Renovating Without Breaking the Bank

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Kitchen renovation costs can add up quickly. That doesn’t mean that the renovations cannot be done without breaking the bank, and there are many ways to save money while having it still look like you have a brand-new kitchen. Figuring out what needs to be done, and how to do it on a budget doesn’t have to be difficult. Keeping in mind the following tips will ensure that you get your brand-new kitchen and still have money in the bank.

  • You can change your cabinets for a minimal cost. Things like utilising the floor models at the store can cut costs quite a bit. Can’t find discounted or floor models you like? You can always update the cabinets without starting from scratch. Just changing the doors can change the overall look and save a significant amount of money-
    especially if the cabinets are still in a relatively good condition. Still beyond your budget? A new coat of paint or refinishing can make a huge impression. Still looking for something more budget friendly, just changing the hardware on the doors can update the looks.
  • Change up your appliances. Going from older style appliances to more modern stainless steel can give your Kitchen renovation costskitchen an updated look without a huge price tag. Need something more budget friendly? Eliminate clutter- create a minimalist look by decluttering and hiding appliances away in cupboards. This can give you the updated look for almost no cost at all. And it means you can keep your existing appliances.
  • Fresh paint on the walls, splash back and even the floor can cut down on kitchen renovation costs. While it’s not a true renovation in the sense of the word, it can give the appearance of it with minimal cost.
  • Pick one or two key elements to change. Just changing your kitchen tiles can be enough of a boost if done right. Changing the splash back or the flooring can give the room a more updated appearance. Another large element you can change is the countertops. Going with a different colour palette, or material can make a big impact on a small budget.
  • Another major item you can alter without a huge cash requirement is the lighting. Changing up the lighting and how the kitchen is lit can alter the appearance altogether. Placing brighter lights, or changing the fixtures can impact the feel of the entire space. Choosing lighting elements to illuminate specific areas, or even adding under-cabinet lights can change the mood of the space in a budget friendly manner.

Kitchen renovation costs don’t have to break the bank. You can always do it in pieces if that is more fitting of your budget and abilities. A few items at a time, and before long you will have a brand-new kitchen that you love and that gives the appearance of costing much more than it did.

When you are ready to get started with your kitchen renovations, or are looking for ideas on how to update your kitchen on a budget, visit our friendly staff at Wonderful Kitchens and see what we can do to make your kitchen dreams a reality.

Renovating A Kitchen- And Wondering Where To Begin?

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Kitchen renovations can seem daunting and overwhelming. There are many different aspects to the kitchen and plenty of ways to change things, whether it is a basic change or a more extreme change like completely gutting it and starting new. Where then do you begin? What is the best approach to starting your renovation?

Here are some things to consider when thinking about beginning a renovation

·      Decide what it is you are looking to renovate.

There are many different things that complete the kitchen, and many ways to change it up. You can look for simple changes such as painting the walls, or changing out the kitchen lights, to much more dramatic ones such as over-hauling the whole kitchen. Are you looking to renovate just the appliances? This alone can change the look and feel of the kitchen all by itself.

·      Set your budget – Plan your room

Perhaps you can quite decide where to begin, then maybe the best way to begin is in deciding how much time or cost you are seeking to put into the kitchen renovation. Our kitchen is often the heart of the home so it makes sense as a place to renovate and it can also be a great way to add value to your property (if you are looking at selling or thinking about it as a possibility down the road); therefore, knowing how much you can and are willing to invest into the renovation can give you a better idea of where to begin and what renovations you can afford to complete in your home.

·      Renovation or Restoration?

With that said, if you are seeking something smaller scale, you can change out the fixtures on the cabinets, or even the cabinet doors themselves. Little changes can make a big difference in the feel of the kitchen. On a small scale, you can also consider just repainting the cabinet doors to refresh and give them a new life. It really is up to you as to what you are looking to accomplish as to where to begin and what steps you will need to undertake.

kitchen renovationLarger scale renovations can mean completely changing the layout of the cabinets, switching out the countertop for something new and modern. Creating new or improved kitchen islands. Installing a new style or type of kitchen flooring. The list goes on.

In all honesty, the best place to begin is often just in the planning stages or talking walking through different kitchen showcases to see what it is that you are really looking to get out of the renovation, as well as an idea of the money that is potentially involved in the renovation and the types of materials you are hoping to include.

Are you wanting to change it all, or just some things? Knowing ahead of time will save you time, money and big frustrations down the road. If you are still struggling with where to begin your kitchen renovation, or have your ideas already in mind, Wonderful Kitchens would love to help you create your dream. With 2 different locations in Sydney, drop by one today and let our staff help get your kitchen renovation started. Visit our website www.wonderfulkitchens.com.au for more information.