Turning an Average Bathroom into a Luxury Bathroom!

>>Turning an Average Bathroom into a Luxury Bathroom!

Turning an Average Bathroom into a Luxury Bathroom!

We spend quite a bit of time in our bathrooms, from getting ourselves ready in the morning, to bathing and washing up, to using the facilities. Why wouldn’t we want a luxury bathroom? With so much time spent in this one little room, changing from a run of the mill average bathroom to a luxury bathroom can be a small change, but with loads of advantages.

How then can we change the average bathroom from mediocre to one we enjoy being in? IM glad you asked.

·      Fixtures and Faucets

Just changing up the fixtures in the bathroom can improve the overall feeling of it. Going from common builder grade fixtures to higher end ones can give the bathroom a much more elegant feeling. This can be as simple as changing the handles on the vanity doors to changing the faucets. A simple change of the lighting fixtures can upgrade the entire room with minimal investment as well. Think about the towel racks, the toilet paper holder and every little item in the bathroom. Changing these little things up for higher quality ones can upgrade the bathroom easily with minimal costs.

·      Toilet and Vanity

One of the most commonly used items in the bathroom is the toilet. Changing it out for a sleek, newer unit can help bring your bathroom from average to modern and stylish. Not only will it make the bathroom look better, it could help you financially as many newer toilets come with water saving features that previous models didn’t have.

Looking to take it a little further than that? Changing the entire vanity for something more modern and sleek can give the room a luxurious feeling. If the space you have allows going from a single basin to two basins in an ensuite bathroom can be a great upgrade. Not only will it improve the space but it will make it easier for two people to function in the singular space. Changing from sunken basins to above counter can be an easy improvement that brings more elegance into the room as well.

·      Flooring

Upgrading your flooring can also bring a bathroom from average to sublime. Going from laminate to tiled floors (or take it a step further and put in-floor heating in underneath the new upgraded floor) or cork can create a warmer bathroom with a nicer feel for those using it. Opting for higher end or larger floor boards can also create a more luxurious space as well.

·      Bath/Spa

If ultimate luxury is the look and feel you’re going for then you simply can’t afford to pass by upgrading to a spa or a deep free standing bathtub. Not only do these make for wonderful feature points in a bathroom they also offer a luxurious feel you wouldn’t otherwise have from a normal bathtub. Changing to waterfall showerheads, or multiple shower heads can also create a whole new experience in the bathroom. Opting for a clawfoot tub, or a standalone shower can change the feel as well.

No matter what you are looking to change in your bathroom, Wonderful Kitchens has what you need. Don’t let our name fool you, with 30 years of outstanding service and products in your kitchen we have branched out to bring you that same luxury to your bathroom. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you change your ordinary bathroom into something extraordinary.

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