5 Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Renovation Costs Down

>>5 Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Renovation Costs Down

5 Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Renovation Costs Down

bathroomThough we may not congregate in them, and usually we try to spend as little time as possible in them, the reality is, we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. It is no wonder then, that in a smaller room where so much time is spent we will quickly notice the things that need to be renovated. The word renovation though can strike fear through our bank accounts. When we think of renovations, we usually think of high costs that we just can’t fit into our budget. That doesn’t mean to say it cannot be done on a budget, it just means it may take some creativity on your part.

  1. Reuse whatever you can.

    This should go without saying, but honestly, reusing anything you can in the bathroom will help cut costs. Is your tub in good shape? Maybe opt to have it re-glazed instead of a brand new one. This will cut down on the money spent. Look at the cabinets. With a little updating, be it a coat of paint, new hardware or even new doors can they be salvaged and made to look fresh and new? Most of the time they can. This can save you the costs of a brand-new vanity.

  2. Look for floor models and clearance items.

    Oftentimes, stores will sell the floor models for a highly-discounted price. This can allow you to get a brand-new toilet, tub or vanity for a greatly reduced cost. End of renovation seasons can bring with them great discounts on items. Most people do their renovations in the summertime, if you do yours during the winter, you may be able to take advantage of lower prices.

  3. Swap out smaller items for a big impact.

    A variety of smaller items updated can still create a brand-new feel at a fraction of the cost. Smaller items like faucets, towel racks, toilet paper holders can be changed out, and although they cost minimally can change the entire space without breaking the bank book.

  4. Do not move the plumbing.

    Plumbing can be one of the highest cost things in a bathroom renovation. Instead of moving where major plumbing is, create a bathroom utilising the plumbing currently in place.

  5. Start with a plan.

    Without a plan, it is easy for costs to add up. Even the price of smaller items can pile on if you don’t start with a plan. Having a plan will keep your budget on track and still get you the bathroom you want and envision. Making a list to go with your plan of expected expenses of specific items can also help you stay within your budget. Just ensure you are realistic about the costs of each item.

Creating a new bathroom on a budget can sound daunting. In reality, it can be quite simple if you follow the tips. If you are still struggling with creating a budget friendly bathroom, it can always help to get the aid of a professional. Our team at Wonderful Kitchens would love to be your one stop shop to create your perfect bathroom. We can help you find ways to update your bathroom without breaking the bank.

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